Tweak 2

June 10, 2014

Making slow but steady progress on Tweak. Rebuilt much of it onto a much more extensible model. New features: Direct Manipulation: drag layers themselves to position, you no longer have to use the property sliders. Interactions/Events:...

Tweak Site

January 05, 2014

Built a quick website for Tweak today. Sign up to get notified of updates and when Tweak will be available: I'm incredibly excited about the future of Tweak, and the response so far. I imagine it's going to change an...

More Tweaking

January 03, 2014

EDIT: Sign up to get notified when Tweak is ready: Wanted to share a bit more of Tweak, a design prototyping tool for iOS that I'm building. This is still very, very early, but I hope it gives a sense of where Tw...


January 01, 2014

Over the Holidays, I've been building a new prototyping tool to help with designing iOS apps, called Tweak. It's essentially an animation/interaction prototyping app, built on top of UIKit. Working with tools like Quartz Composer and F...

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