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MyEnergy / Nest

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Home Energy Tracking Improved

We're working hard to soon push out some brand new updates, from performance all the way through enhanced features and design. Here's a first peak at some ne...

October 24, 2012


Process Testing - Blueprints

Took a page out of Mr. Broderick's book here and put this tiny blueprint into a recent planning/scoping project for MyEnergy. We definitely found a lot of go...

September 13, 2012

Me dash new

Madlib Dropdown - Dashboard Updates

Our engineers have been bustin' their butts to make some sweet new design updates come to life. So glad to have such an awesome team behind me.

July 09, 2012

Home signup

Homepage Sign up Form / Connect

Working on a few sign up form variations for MyEnergy

May 13, 2012


Sort, Filter - List

Kicking out some temporary adjustments to our tips section.

May 01, 2012