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by Jordan Borth

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Video+ for iOS (multiple screens attached)

An iOS video platform I worked on last year. Pretty happy with the way the entire UI turned out. Check the attachments for a few more, full-view screens!

March 11, 2013

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Racebites segmented control

Racing App Segmented Control (Scaled)

Ok, I can share just a little more ;) This is the Highlight's screen. Won't go into too much detail yet. Check the attachment for the full @2x :)

July 13, 2012

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Racebites icon

Racing App Icon

Here's the first version of my first iPhone app icon. The app delivers real-time racing highlights. Feedback is appreciated :)

July 13, 2012

Dribbble camera

I wish… iOS default Camera.app selection

Something I very quickly threw together. I love the new 'Swipe-to-take-photo' gesture of iOS 5.1, however, as a Camera+ user, it would be cool if I could se...

March 13, 2012

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