February 10, 2013

Jeremiah is a disaster movie. And the disaster is Babylon, coming for Judah like … Godzilla on a rampage!

2 John

February 09, 2013

John encourages his readers to follow the truth, avoiding false teachers who stir up trouble and division.

2 Timothy

February 08, 2013

Paul is in prison in Rome. This letter from jail to his protege Timothy reveals the extent of Paul's commitment to his cause.


February 08, 2013

Although traditionally identified as an apple, the fruit that Eve and Adam ate is never defined. It could have been a banana for all we know.


February 08, 2013

The gospel of Luke is a doctor's report. A detailed and orderly account with many references to sickness, disease and miraculous healing.


February 08, 2013

The book of Malachi is a series of arguments. In rapid-fire dialogue God accuses the people and the people accuse God.


February 08, 2013

Ruth ♥ Boaz


February 05, 2013

In Matthew's gospel, Jesus performs spectacular miracles: he brings a girl back to life; he feeds thousands of people; he even walks on water.