UI Freebies by Jona Pomerance

A collection of UI elements taken from projects or created for practice – free for you to download, edit and use.

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Settings widget

Settings Widget

August 07, 2013

Had some unused assets from an old Mac app project lying around, so I thought I'd “recycle” them into this little tabbed Settings Widget. Feel free to grab the PSD for a closer look!

Download popover

Download Popover

April 24, 2013

Finally done with nearly all of my important exams, so I thought I'd get back to some UI practice. Here's a random download window popover thingy displaying an active and a completed download. As always, feel free to grab the PSD! Rebou...

Device icons

Reflective Devices

April 01, 2013

Came up with this small set of “reflective” 16px device icons. I know it's somewhat uncommon to apply any type of shading to glyphs of such small size, but I think it works pretty well in this case. If you want to use these for anything...


Player Widget

March 26, 2013

Originally intended this as a rebound to @Rovane Durso's music player shot, but it kinda turned into a thing of its own, hence me posting it independently. This is my version of a simple audio player widget. I was a little unsure about ...


Jewel Case & Vinyl

March 23, 2013

Created a bunch of 128px “album artwork frame”-type of icons for a personal project a couple of months ago. The project was never finished though, so I decided to give them some finishing touches and release them as a freebie. Grab the ...


Subscribe Field

March 18, 2013

Found time for some spontaneous late night dribbbling again. Thought @Dominik Martin's shot deserves a spot on the Playoffs list, so here's my version of his subscribe form. Be sure to check out the PSD!


Action Buttons

February 01, 2013

Some simple buttons I designed for a website project. Sitting in the navigation bar, they're supposed to attract attention and call to action, while still being unobtrusive enough to nicely blend into context. As usual, I've attached th...



January 13, 2013

Picked up a MIDI keyboard for some amateur music production attempts the other day. Being not exactly sold on its appearance, I thought I'd attempt designing my own. As a result, I'd like to present the all-new DRBL PX-101 Virtual Analo...