Foundation 2.0

February 13, 2015

Currently we are working on a new version of this tool. Some screens of what's currently being shipped. I felt I needed to post some more of the UI projects I've worked on. Foundation is the tool where you configure blocks nodes instal...

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July 28, 2014


Nutanix school

July 28, 2014

A glimpse of the branding proposal for our online school initiative.

No Bananas here

June 23, 2014

404 Concept for our app @Nutanix.

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Data Encription Keys

June 23, 2014

Some illustrations for our next UI release. Note: Added some animations courtesy of @Ken Chen

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May 19, 2014

Abstract illustration concept for our 3.5 release. Inspired in french architecture. P.S. That 2x looks hideous on retina.... I blame it on my current PS export setup. Will change for the next one.