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  1. 12 Sep
    John Andronowski
    Commented on Cinema App

    Slick but that's one small theatre. What happens when there are a lot more seats?

  2. 6 Sep
    John Andronowski
    Commented on Inbox

    Looks nice but some of the text looks quite small for mobile (the timestamps, for example). Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  3. 25 Aug
    John Andronowski
    Commented on Football App Interactions

    Very cool but I don't think the down arrow on the white card makes much sense. I expected it to somehow expand downwards. If it expands to take up the entire screen, I think a different icon would be more appropriate.

  4. 22 Aug
    John Andronowski
    Commented on Adventure Landing

    This is awesome. Feels outdoorsy without going over the top with wood textures and stuff like that.

    Question though, none of the slanted elements are in the live site? Curious as to why that is? Design choice? Technical limitation?

    Also, no favicon?