1. Guitar guitar icon outline vector
    View Guitar
  2. Material health trackers health material responsive web
    View Material health trackers
    Material health trackers
  3. [RE] Invention layout magazine
    View [RE] Invention
    [RE] Invention
  4. Crane - book illustration chinese painting illustration wip
    View Crane - book illustration
    Crane - book illustration
  5. App Sketches app design ui wip
    View App Sketches
    App Sketches
  6. Altitude card mockup branding business card classwork
    View Altitude card mockup
    Altitude card mockup
  7. Altitude Energy Consortium branding classwork logo
    View Altitude Energy Consortium
    Altitude Energy Consortium
  8. Energy Logos branding classwork divisions
    View Energy Logos
    Energy Logos
  9. Birth Center Final birth branding logo origami vector
    View Birth Center Final
    Birth Center Final
  10. Keep Calm and Stop Borrowing debt design illustration poster vector
    View Keep Calm and Stop Borrowing
    Keep Calm and Stop Borrowing
  11. Sole Distinction - Natural Birth Center birth branding crane logo origami vector
    View Sole Distinction - Natural Birth Center
    Sole Distinction - Natural Birth Center
  12. Birth Center birth branding logo origami vector
    View Birth Center
    Birth Center
  13. Smorgasbord Studios branding classwork initial logo typography
    View Smorgasbord Studios
    Smorgasbord Studios
  14. Rage v.2 classwork illustration
    View Rage v.2
    Rage v.2
  15. Rage classwork illustration layout
    View Rage
  16. Translation Process - digitization classwork illustration object translation simplification vector
    View Translation Process - digitization
    Translation Process - digitization
  17. Translation Process classwork object translation simplification
    View Translation Process
    Translation Process
  18. Space Q
    View Space Q
    Space Q
  19. Welcome Week college work poster print design stencil typewriter typography
    View Welcome Week
    Welcome Week
  20. Yoder Creative branding logo
    View Yoder Creative
    Yoder Creative
  21. Statue Wars boba fett photo manipulation photoshop star wars
    View Statue Wars
    Statue Wars
  22. Fresh cucumber food illustrator typography vector
    View Fresh
  23. Florence, Italy city favorite florence italy
    View Florence, Italy
    Florence, Italy
  24. Indiana Statesman web design wordpress
    View Indiana Statesman
    Indiana Statesman
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