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Design is your life. You eat, sleep, and breathe design. Your bookshelves are arranged by colour. Your cat is named Adobe, you dream in patterns, you handwrite in Baskerville bold italic, and if on top of all that you’ve got 2+ years experience as a designer at an agency or DTC/consumer health and wellness company, you’d be a perfect fit at MINDFUL.


• Strong design portfolio ideally with interactive design experience

• Excellent problem-solving skills

• Good at presenting compelling ideas

• Ability to collaborate with Mindful founders, partners, and developers to envision and iterate concepts

• Proficient with Adobe Creative Suite

• Ability to be flexible and precise with changing requirements and feedback.


• Your day-to-day may include designing visuals for our ads, video animations, social media posts, email marketing, landing pages, website and much more.

• Be an active/proactive participant in defining and executing ideas across all media – online and offline.

• Able to meet daily project challenges with enthusiasm while also researching and proposing new approaches (refining techniques, taking advantage of new tech opportunities)

• Energetic and collaborative; a great work ethic; high degree of ownership

• Thrives in a diverse, multi-disciplinary environment

• Multitask and prioritize workload with quick turnarounds

• Do a whole lot more


MINDFUL ( is a 6 year old profitable sexual health and wellness company based out of Vancouver, BC.


To help everyone make sex a part of their well being. 

A new era is emerging. Society is becoming more diverse and inclusive. People are more open and accepting to new ways of thinking, and there is an appetite to dismantle unhealthy constructs. We are at the forefront of this revolution, empowering people to rethink and enhance their relationship with sex; encouraging them to explore their sexual individuality and live authentically. 


From sex to sexual wellness. 

We are concerned with more than sex. We’re interested in how sex informs an individual’s identity, their unique perspective and sense of self, and the physical, emotional, spiritual and social benefits of exploring sexuality. 

We are different because we shine a light on the true nature of modern sexuality, in all its complexity, diversity, and potential; enabling people to explore sex and sexuality freely and independently. We promote a holistic understanding of sex that has meaningful benefits to a wide array of people. We reject traditional category codes, corny stereotypes, and outdated representations of sex in favor of a more healthy perspective: Sexual Wellness. 


Ordinary people on a journey of self-exploration. 

Some of our customers are already empowered, some are less confident, but no matter where they are on their journey, they rely on us for acceptance and guidance. We believe that every adult deserves to explore sex and sexuality. Whether they’re a doctor in Detroit, a housewife in New Hampshire, or a student in San Francisco, Mindful champions our customers’ rights to sexual exploration and expression, the power of personal choice, and the positive impacts of openness and human connection. 



Mindful is open to anyone and everyone. Our customer base is as broad as humanity is diverse. We welcome everyone with open arms and acceptance. 


We are the first multibrand sexual wellness retailer with a progressive, open attitude towards sexuality and sexual wellbeing. Mindful is leading the way forward into a new era for the industry. 


We understand that real sex isn’t polished or perfect. It’s about individual human expression. Mindful is built by real people, for real people. 


Whether sexually confident or just starting to explore, Mindful is committed to empowering each individual to find what works for them, on their terms.