Job Details

UI/UX Designer Lead

We are looking for an experienced and creative UI/UX Designer to join our team! We are building a social media app/platform dedicated to travel enthusiasts and we need a talented UI/UX to be responsible for delivering the best online user experience,

The talent we are looking for has the following skills:

  • Can design UI both for mobile and desktop
  • He has a good/common sense of typography usage. he understands the impact the "right" typography can have on the overall UX.
  • Can also design landing pages!
  • Can work remotely
  • He wants to keep his "touch" on every page and UI he designs.

We would love to see you joining our team, so If you are interested or have a question, please send us your CV or -better- your portfolio and feel free to speak your mind.  

We look forward to hearing from you...


P.S: you can reach out to us at: