Job Details

Logo Designer for multiple projects

Hello! I am looking for a designer who loves working on logos and branded typography for multiple projects.

My company, ReachTech, helps small businesses and non-profits use technology to accomplish their goals. When we are working with a new client on Web Design, we often need to refine their logos and brand materials to optimize for their website as well as printed materials. Occasionally we may be tasked with creating new logos as well.

There are two internal projects for which we have a near term need. The first is the logo for our company, which you can see at our website:

The second is for a podcast I host called Seeking Context. You can see the current logo at:

In both cases, we want to appropriately balance the letters in each logo with the symbol, and create different versions of the logos to use on social media, our website, emails, and printed materials. Our needs for these two internal projects are essentially the same as the work we need assistance on for existing and future clients.


  • Proficient in Illustrator
  • Proficient in Figma
  • Excellent communication
  • Expert typography skills, with an eye for the fine adjustments to fonts that make the letters in a logo hang together
  • Can quickly turn around SVG's of existing logos for clients that don't have them

Please respond with an email to:

and be sure to include your portfolio.


Justin Wieland, ReachTech Founder and CEO