Job Details

Web Designer (UI/UX)

Who we are

Refokus is a fully remote team (by design), and as such we are structured to support our team to do their best work with a combination of flexibility and trust building a strong culture with a value-driven team.

We love what we do, and this is what we’ve chosen to do with most of our waking hours. We work hard, but over everything, we work smart. 

We wake up every morning to create something great, something we are proud of. We’ve chosen to focus on creating amazing websites that make people go “wow” and help B2B brands grow with the amazing stuff they do.


We’re looking for a Designer who loves the Web and has experience working with it, especially with creating websites for B2B brands.

You’ll be part of an amazing team, but you’ll also have your own space to get things done. You will work directly with amazing developers and engineers who can turn your ideas into reality. We love to make people wow with our websites.

Who you are

You love stuff that looks amazing and works perfectly. And you understand that websites are sales and marketing tools that help communicate brand values and convert visitors.

  • You love designing websites way more than products.
  • Figma? Check.
  • You can create (figma) prototypes to showcase your ideas.
  • You understand interactions and animations, and you use them with a purpose.
  • Webflow? That would be great, as everything we do is built in Webflow. Although, we don’t expect you to touch it. We have developers to develop, and designers to design.
  • You speak English, fluently (or close to it) - as our company language is English we also support non-native speakers with 1:1 classes.

What you'll do

Mostly designing really cool websites, but also some stuff in the middle to help promote Refokus so no one misses out on the amazing stuff we do, or even some web applications UI.

  • Design marketing websites for B2B brands (startups and enterprise).
  • Do some stuff for our internal marketing (we do a lot of cool internal projects to make our brand stronger)
  • Come up with ideas. We like to hear everyone’s voice, so if there is something we could do better (design systems, processes, or even company stuff) we want you to share your ideas (it’s part of your job, seriously).