Job Details

Graphic Designer / Illustrator (Medior)

Let's get straight to the point: we are creative, full of ambition, and, despite our successes, we are at the beginning of this adventure. We strive for the ultimate combination of freedom, quality, and (self) development and are looking for a passionate creative who wants to build and dream with us. For you of course in an illustrative way, and it will be a bumpy ride anyway!

We are a young and creative agency specialized in various aspects of the animation world. An international portfolio of partners and projects, combined with our own lab-projects, ensures that a nice three-way split between partners, the company, and most importantly: you and your colleagues! The foundation of the company consists of creative freedom, challenge, (self) development, dedication, and transparency, elements that we find in all facets and everyone who works with us. The creative ambition we look for in our colleagues comes naturally with a healthy degree of responsibility, which enables us to get the best out of ourselves and each other together! A close-knit team, consisting of passionate individuals with specific areas of expertise, work every day with the same ambition to ensure that every day becomes a little better and more fun.

Your role?

A project starts with a concept, and even though this is not your primary responsibility, we do like it when you think about it, because ideally you will create the basis of the concept together with the team, and then you will illustrate it. After all, you're all about visual storytelling and know better than anyone how to turn an idea or concept into a striking design! If concepts are also your thing, then we are certainly open to that. Sometimes you'll be working on a futuristic design for a new AI concept, sometimes an explainer will pop up in between, and then you can let your youthful imagination loose on a toy or music campaign. In addition to projects with these kinds of partners, we try to devote some of our time to social (charitable) causes and personal lab projects. One important commonality in every project: every project must contain at least one new element or skill, after all, we always want to keep growing. 

Just a little more point-by-point what you're going to do with us: 

  • Co-define and evolve our illustration style for both internal and external projects. 
  • We are in the midst of rebranding so that we can take on the world from a renewed perspective. We hope to give shape to the final elements soon, together with you!
  • Collaborate on brand identity, lab projects, and other animation concepts. 
  • Creation of concepts, storyboards, illustrations, and design for animation and motion graphics. 
  • We always go for innovation, and you also want to deliver unparalleled quality every time. At the same time, it is nice if you can estimate what is possible within the deadlines we set together. After all, our partners also have wishes and deadlines. 

You have:

  • HBO working and thinking level.
  • You have several years of experience within the illustration world.
  • Thorough knowledge of both the Dutch and English languages.
  • Strong portfolio with a diversity of work created and skills.
  • Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop is your second home, the rest of the suite is nice too, but not a must.
  • Nice to have: experience with traditional and/or motion graphic animation. 

Furthermore, you are/have: 

  • Obsessed with sketching, illustration, design, animation, and media. It's awesome if you're also up to date on developments in the field of visual media, art & design, and everything the future may bring in it.
  • The courage to look around you and get inspiration from your environment, (technological) developments and makes surprising connections in this. You also know the difference between 'copying' and 'taking inspiration from'.
  • Open-minded and trying to make something out of everything! Let's face it, there are always more and less inspiring projects. We strive for a good balance between challenge, development, and interesting topics, but sometimes some projects are less satisfying than hoped for. You also enjoy taking on these jobs, because social media and explainers can make a difference to others.
  • The ability to translate complex briefings into unexpected results, preferably surprising everyone around us, in a positive way of course!
  • Willing to help build an environment that continues to inspire others and where you take responsibility for yourself. This also means that you try to improve yourself every time.
  • Willing to work at our office in 's Hertogenbosch a few times a week. 

What do we offer you?

  • Salary of 2000/2750 euros based on 40 hours, depending on experience.
  • We would like you to take 25 vacation days per year. Do you need more? In consultation, anything is possible!
  • 24 to 40 hours, flexible schedule. There are several fixed moments where we like to involve the team so that the rest of the time can be arranged flexibly. As long as we meet the jointly agreed deadlines, you won't hear from us!
  • Self-development is central, this is actively encouraged, where together we set goals and convert lab projects to be able to contribute to this.
  • Annual fixed fee to encourage sport, healthy body, healthy mind!
  • Laptop, pencils, and all the gear needed to pop.
  • We strive for a good balance between working in the office and from home, even after corona, as long as we can build together.
  • Cool workplace in De Gruyter Fabriek in 's-Hertogenbosch, easy parking and not far from the station.
  • Work on a diverse portfolio of (international) partners and internal lab projects.
  • Last but not least: a young and open team, driven by ambition and the urge to build and surprise! 

Application Process: 

  1. Does the above seem like a good fit for you? Great, we would like to get in touch with you! Send your CV, motivation, and portfolio to If you have any sources of inspiration that you would like to share with us, please do!
  2. If you have received the confirmation e-mail, we have received your application in good order! We will get to work on it and let you know as soon as possible if there is a match from our side as well.
  3. We like to get to know each other better through a phone or digital conversation.
  4. Does it still feel good for both sides? Then we would like to invite you to the office. Completely corona-proof, of course. And if necessary, also a second time.
  5. MATCH! We will send you an offer and who knows, everything will be signed, sealed & delivered in no time! Let's create the undefined together!