Job Details

Sr. Designer (UX/UI)

Hey there. We’re looking to build out our creative team with a senior designer that lives and breathes interfaces. More than that, we want someone that looks around them at the wider world, it’s challenges, and how to translate those challenges into new ways of doing things. 

In order to do that, you need to understand the current ways of doing things too. Which is how you got to where you are today: user flows, patterns, design trends, when to be perfect, and when to hit a deadline. You’re going to be part of a small, growing team focused on bringing joy to fixing a social problem: getting people off their phones and back together again.

Underneath everything we do is that idea. Not just how to be a super-successful company, but how to make the world a more joyful place. You’ve been making apps or websites for a long time, we’d wager—and you’re probably thirsting for something more meaningful. Us too. 

We believe that brand isn’t just what the logo looks like, it’s how people experience and internalize our philosophy.Getting there? You'll work under our Creative Director to focus on rapid prototyping, iterative design concepts, various initiatives, and while also ensuring follow-through to the end product—whatever it may be. 

 Here's what you can expect working at Go:

  • Working with the product team to iterate and bring user stories and product requirements to life through wireframes and documentation
  • Creating high-fidelity designs capable of handing off, working with, and improving engineering
  • Collaborate with other creative team members as we ideate, improve, and build up our holistic design systems
  • Fully-remote, able to work independently, and communicate
  • Do no harm - thinking through consequences and possibilities in your work to potentially harm other users, employees or the planet - and you know, not doing that


  • BA/BFA or similar degree
  • 5+ years of professional experience in either agency, product or direct-to-consumer work with a focus in digital and apps
  • Experimental UX thinking that can be tested and tempered by research and feedback
  • Able to translate and expand into interface and product design
  • Standard job requirement stuff: Ability to take direction, improve upon feedback, work with cross-department teams and manage multiple timelines and deliverables
  • Proactive in ensuring design and brand cohesion across deliverables
  • Perfection-minded in finalizing assets for delivery to engineering, media or print
  • Must know Sketch like the back of your hand (but also have familiarity with Adobe Suite and Keynote)
  • You think in strategic design implementation. Patterns. Breakpoints, media queries, edge cases. You probably have hands-on familiarity with a couple of frameworks even.
  • Strong online portfolio that showcases a range of work and your thought process.
  • A 'how can I help' attitude even if the work may be below your station: pitch deck assets, production materials, email, banner ads, search copy. Even our Creative Director chips in on this stuff.
  • Stable working environment with high quality internet access
  • PST Working Hours (GMT -8 hours), plus or minus 3 hours
  • Must speak or write English
  • Must hate snakes

Bonus skills*

*sure every job asks for nice to haves but we think every person has a secret bonus skill that makes them who they are - do you have one of these? Share your passion with us.

  • Illustration?
  • Motion/animation?
  • Logo and visual icons?
  • HTML/CSS/App coding?
  • Photography or videography?
  • Music?
  • Copywriting?

About Go

Go is the first social app focused on getting people offline, out of their bubbles, and back together in the real world for better days together. Combining data science, design, social networking and event aggregation, Go provides a custom, curated feed of things to do and people to do them with. Our goal is to be a better kind of start-up—humane, socially good, and focused on improving the world too. Currently 25 people and growing, we're seed-funded and now available in New Zealand with more regions worldwide online soon. Learn more at