Job Details

Visual Designer

Mercury is building banking for startups.

We want to power the next generation of companies that will shape American industry.

In 1954, in Columbus, Indiana, Eero Saarinen designed a bank with glass walls, no offices, and a completely open floor plan. It was surrounded by trees; the furniture was made by Herman Miller; the lobby flooring was thick, rustic brick. The bank was built with transparency and community at its core.

Since 1954, a lot of things have happened—Saarinen’s bank branch is now a conference center, people increasingly live on the internet, and it’s hard to think of a single bank that still applies design thinking to their product.

Mercury is a bank for tech startups. We believe building a bank in 2019 revolves around thoughtful design, and we’re looking for our first dedicated visual designer to help us.

You will:

  • Create a unified visual language for Mercury across mediums, including marketing pages, web and mobile apps, emails, print, online ads, billboards, and marketing ephemera
  • Create graphics for digital formats, like our website, and physical objects, like our debit cards, tote bags, and tea packages
  • Work with product designers on UI patterns and interactions
  • Use visual design to express our values and product philosophy
  • Work on projects with a wide scope, from minute interactions and animations to whole pages of the website
  • Take prosaic moments and turn them into something special with elegant design

You should:

  • Have a certain wild visual flair
  • Think about design systems, not just individual pages or embellishments
  • Have experience designing visuals for web, mobile, and print
  • Have an interest in learning about and working on product design
  • Understand how to create clean layouts with a strong visual structure and hierarchy
  • Believe in the beauty of utility and function
  • Be able to tell complex stories with simple visuals
  • Pull from a wide range of aesthetic references and be able to synthesize them into a single cohesive style
  • Understand Mercury’s brand, voice, and aesthetic, and how they can be expressed through your design
  • Be able to articulate and debate the reasoning behind your design decisions
  • Have a love for language

About Mercury

We’re funded by Andreessen Horowitz, CRV, and other investors including SV Angel, Liquid2, Naval Ravikant (CEO of AngelList), Joshua Reeves (CEO of Gusto), Justin Kan (CEO of Atrium), and Roger Smith (Founder of Silicon Valley Bank).