Job Details

Creative Project Manager


Do you have a creative background but always find yourself focusing on the “how” of getting things done? Do you obsess over managing multiple projects and deadlines and find joy in solving how to get everything completed and resourced on time? Are you the friend who plans out the entire trip and maybe even has a spreadsheet to do so?

Final question: when faced with a challenge, do you get excited or run away?

If you thrive in a fast-paced environment, you're a "make-things-happen" kind of person, and want to work collaboratively with a team of game changers, you might be the perfect fit for our Creative Project Manager role!

As the Creative Project Manager at Crisp, your job is to ensure everything runs smoothly — whether it's coordinating on-site and off-site shoots, resourcing design requests, creating new processes, or problem-solving whatever comes your way, you're the go-to person for the Marketing department’s creative team.

This is an opportunity to shape Crisp’s future. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make Crisp’s brand creative even more badass and effective than it already is.


You will be evaluated and vetted based on your ability to follow these instructions.

Do not apply through the contact information on the website.

To Apply: Please call 404-882-1693 for step-by-step instructions.

Key Responsibilities Include

  • Managing creative requests — Ensure all creative requests and briefs are received in the necessary timeframe, delivered on time, and completed with budget awareness.
  • Maintaining a deep understanding of the brand's marketing calendar — Understand when briefs/requests/reviews are due, drive timeline with the Marketing Team, and thoroughly review all briefs to ensure a strategy is clear and necessary content is included.
  • Creating full end-to-end timelines for all creative projects — Track major milestones and clearly communicate and escalate timing risks in appropriate meetings.
  • Creating and driving the agenda for creative reviews — Present program updates, timing, and key milestone moments, encourage feedback at correct points in the process, communicate potential risks, and recommend solutions.
  • Partnering closely with the Marketing Operations Manager — Ensure alignment on project priorities, marketing objectives, and timing implications.
  • Navigate photoshoot dates, outlining post-production timelines, and assisting in shot list curation.
  • Meeting all project SLAs for design and video.
  • Communicating projects and schedules to the Creative Team and following up to ensure work is flowing efficiently and deadlines and expectations are met while maintaining a high level of creative excellence.


  • This position is expected to require minimal travel


A few benefits you’re sure to enjoy:

  • Health Insurance
  • Generous PTO Package
  • 401(k) with company match (aka, free money)
  • If you are the right fit, but not in Atlanta already, don’t worry! We will pay to get you here (relocation expenses covered)
  • This year, a member of the team is going to walk away with a Tesla Model 3 - yes, really!

About Crisp Video Group

Crisp Video Group is an incredibly fast-moving, high-growth company (1470%+ growth in 3 years) with a laser focus on delivering the absolute best legal marketing, video production, and business coaching services on the market today.

We’re all about working hard and staying humble. In the spirit of humble bragging, here are some of our awards and accolades:

Why You Should Work Here

  • You will become part of an incredibly crafted and unified company culture with an attentive CEO and teammates who are truly dedicated to success
  • You will work with people from all departments who are happy to help and teach as you work towards growth
  • You will experience working for a company that is truly leading the industry and constantly innovating. Complacency is not part of our vocabulary
  • You will be in an environment that is always ready to tackle a new initiative and put creative ideas into action
  • You will grow personally and professionally. Every measure is taken to ensure our team members thrive. Our Continuing Crisp Education program encourages and rewards classes, certifications, book clubs, and trainings

If you’re looking for a job that’s boring and easy, you won’t find that here. We put 110% into everything we do. Greatness is achieved through hard work, discipline, and sacrifice, and we’re determined to be great. Late nights and weekends happen - that’s what coffee is for (or caffeinated Crystal Light).

We’re not crazy; we just believe in what we do.

If you'd like to be part of a nationally recognized, collaborative and downright badass team, then we can’t wait to hear from you.


You will be evaluated and vetted based on your ability to follow these instructions.

Do not apply through the contact information on the website.

To Apply: Please call 404-882-1693 for step-by-step instructions.


  • 3+ years of experience in a creative environment
  • Deep knowledge of creative teams/workflow with an emphasis on marketing projects that span video, digital, print, etc.
  • The ability to make like Flash Gordon and work in a fast-paced environment
  • Be a self-starter. Having “nothing to do” simply means you have an opportunity to get off your butt and make things happen
  • Not low, not medium, but HIGH attention to detail & administrative skills
  • A keen sense of urgency/time management relating to all duties
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills — working with creatives is a delicate balance and you need to be able to protect them but also provide clear feedback
  • A general understanding Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere Pro in particular, bonus points for knowledge in After Effects, Photoshop, and Audition) across all video and graphic design platforms and tools
  • Proficient with a project management tool like Asana, Trello, Wrike, Smartsheets, etc.