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Front-end Engineer / Product Designer


Taskade is building real-time collaboration for remote teams, starting with tasks. Create collaborative to-do lists, beautiful mind maps, and video chat, in one unified workspace.

We are a team of startup veterans obsessed about improving team collaboration, workflow, and productivity. At Taskade, you’ll have the chance to work with a small, closely-knit team and make a big impact on our product, business, and engineering efforts.

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Our app is available on the WebiOSAndroidChromeMac, and PC.  


  • We are looking for skilled front-end engineers with a deep understanding of user interface and design. We’re a small team, and in order for us to thrive we need members who have the drive and ability to work on a wide array of products.
  • From working on our landing pages, templates showcase, to the user on-boarding experience, you’ll get the chance to experience a wide variety of development scenarios.

We value “T-shaped” people. That is, people who are both generalists (highly skilled at a broad set of valuable things—the top of the T) and also experts (among the best in their field within a narrow discipline—the vertical leg of the T). An expert who is too narrow has difficulty collaborating. A generalist who doesn’t go deep enough in a single area ends up on the margins, not really contributing as an individual.


  • Experience with JavaScript / TypeScript
  • Experience with React, React Native and Redux
  • Deep understanding of cloud architecture and application deployment.
  • Be deeply interested in the long-term view. Yes, we need to deliver value rapidly, but our problem domain will grow dramatically over time. Figure out where we need to be in a year and identify how we'll get there incrementally, while helping us manage and constrain technical debt and other forms of unnecessary complications which will in the long run serve us poorly.
  • To be a quick learner. We’re looking for software engineers who thrive on learning new technologies. As a startup, and we have a lot of problem domains that need to be worked on, and you should have the ability and drive to adapt accordingly.
  • Versatility. You understand how all the pieces fit together (front-end, database, network layer, etc.) and how they impact the performance of your application.

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