Job Details

Design Manager

60,000 businesses and millions of people use 1Password to protect their most important information. We’re a kind, curious, and customer-focused team on a mission to build the world's most-loved password manager and give people more control over their data.

Our cross functional team of designers and developers is responsible for the design system and subsequent user interface components across macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and our browser extensions. This team is tasked with providing a consistent, intuitive, and joyful experience everywhere 1Password is used.

 The Design Manager will be responsible for managing the design and implementation of components and the subsequent features built from them. You will work closely with and report to the Chief Experience Officer, organizing the roadmap of work and the individuals responsible.

What we're looking for:

  • Experience managing and leading design and development teams
  • Knowledge of design systems
  • People skills to manage a cross functional team
  • Great communication skills with the ability to take input and make decisions
  • An eye for visual design and detail

What you can expect in your first month:

  • Learn the basics of our design system
  • Familiarize yourself with the current schedule
  • Collaborate with the other development teams to get insight on components needed

What you can expect by month 3:

  • Be comfortable with tasking the team and setting schedules
  • Prepare internal release notes and communicate design system changes
  • Familiarize yourself with each individual platforms quirks

What you can expect by month 6:

  • Comfortable with the full roadmap and timelines
  • Knowledgeable of how design components are used and which need updating
  • Operate as a key part of the design and web team, taking ownership of areas that interest you and pushing their design forward to create a better product

“We have a wide range of skills represented here, and that makes for a culture of personal growth through feedback and mentoring, support and critique. Our design has won awards and we have our designers to thank for that - excellence in design is one of the defining characteristics of 1Password. You should also prepare yourself for bad jokes 😃”