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Product Designer, Provider Experience

This position is for US-based Full-time Employee applicants only.

Navio’s software helps patients understand their treatment, track their progress and response, and connect with appropriate care and support resources. For physicians, Navio streamlines treatment onboarding and provides visibility into what patients are actually doing throughout their treatment journey. With visibility into the complete patient experience, Navio will provide researchers access to a unique dataset for finding novel relationships that will lead to better care for all.

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Design at Navio

Our Design Team provides a lens into the thoughts, needs and desires of the patients and care teams that we serve. We’re responsible for creating useful and intuitive tools for our users and we’re meticulous about delivering quality solutions that foster affinity with our brand.

We believe that the details matter and we’re concerned with all aspects of our user’s experience from ensuring a high-level of utility within our products, to sprinkling in just the right amount of character in our presentation. We seek to create simple, focussed design solutions with a disciplined approach that results in a product surface area that is organized and useful, not sprawling and inadequate.

We work closely with our partners in product and engineering to travel toward the next right thing and find ways to accelerate our progress. We’re curious and experimental and most importantly, we serve each other and work together toward our shared goals.

Your Role

We’re seeking a Product Designer to lead our provider experience, providing more efficiency to care teams managing patients and more visibility to providers regarding their patient’s real world experience. Specifically:

  • Support care teams with tools that remove painful and inefficient steps from their workflows
  • Foster continued engagement with providers through creating tools that are highly useful, easy and delightful to use
  • Represent the perspective of our users to ensure we’re meeting their needs in the best way possible
  • Enable care teams to engage with their patients in a better way that reduces friction for the practice and increases patient satisfaction
  • Provide access to clear and actionable insights that inform clinical decisions

Your Responsibilities

  • Help our team build a sense of understanding and empathy with our users
  • Collaborate with product leadership to form and validate hypotheses with our users
  • Create and test design prototypes
  • Collaborate with engineering partners to ensure viability of concepts and discover the best pathway together
  • Build a cohesive set of patterns to assemble our UI and seek out opportunities for consistency between provider and patient applications
  • Communicate thinking and progress to the company at large to solicit feedback and incorporate multiple perspectives
  • Keep close contact with other designers to ensure broader cohesion within all of our customer touch points
  • Collaborate with brand designers and other internal team members to formulate messaging that describes our products to our users and other external audiences
  • Measure and maintain accountability to results

An ideal team member will…

  • Care about making a substantial change in the status quo
  • Appreciate nuance and complexity while still taking a bias towards action
  • Prioritize goals and purpose over tactics and processes
  • Be highly collaborative and enjoy working closely with a diverse team
  • Lead with conviction, humbly
  • Operate at multiple layers of abstraction – from fundamental concepts to specific requirements, from long-term strategy to functional detail
  • Be curious about how things work
  • Find joy in helping others more than helping oneself

Qualifications and skills:

  • 3+ years of experience as a senior or lead product designer
  • Familiarity with designing for healthcare
  • Ability to work within and contribute to existing design system
  • Clear articulation of design vision and thoughtful justification of decisions
  • Demonstrated ability to create clarity and drive momentum within ambiguous projects
  • Creation of UX and UI deliverables that clearly communicate specifications for web and mobile applications
  • Relentless follow up to ensure quality of execution
  • Track record of developing strong collaborative relationships with product and engineering teams
  • Experience and enthusiasm for mentoring fellow designers
  • A curious and creative nature


  • Familiarity with provider workflow in oncology (doctors and nurses)
  • Design for web apps
  • Ability to write clear and tonaly appropriate product copy

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