Job Details

Brand Designer

At Stark, our mission is to make the world's products more accessible for everyone. We help teams build compliant software products more efficiently. By integrating with the tools design, engineering and PM teams already use, Stark optimizes their workflows through intelligent automation. The result: significant reduction in cost, time to compliance, financial and legal risk, and a product that can be used by everyone.

What Stark needs

Hey there! We’re looking for a Brand Designer join the team. Our community of designers, developers, and product managers are committed to learning, sharing, and collaborating around all things accessibility. Your role is to contribute to and own the brand identity, working through complex problems to create beautiful and functional design solutions for our evolving suite. You'll have major impact on the success of the identity that powers every touch point of Stark—from our visual identity across multiple channels like our software, resources to establishing marketing campaigns, software, resources and more.

We believe the world is better when everyone has the ability to navigate it. The thread that holds us together is our collective eagerness to learn from and teach each other. We need someone that can teach us and our community, and are equally as eager to learn from others on the team as part of a quality-driven organization.

What you'll find yourself doing

🎨 Design core communications — including websites, blog posts, various marketing campaigns, digital advertisements, and initiatives for our product suite.

🤝 Collaborate with teammates in marketing and engineering to design content for feature launches and initiatives.

🧠 Working with the team to brainstorm, define short-term tactics and long-term strategies, sketch, implement, and iterate on industry changing ideas—from conception to production.

🛠 Establish our brand design resources for both internal and external parties.

👀 Work with our product design and engineer teams to integrate elements of our visual brand language into the product suite experience.

🔍 Partner with teammates to ensure that our implementation of designs and the overall user experience is top quality and always sets a high benchmark for world class design.

💬 Participate in design reviews to give and receive feedback on current work and explorations.

🌱 Assist in bringing to life, utilizing, and improving a modular brand that fits into and expands our design system.

🚀 Launch experiments and work to improve current solutions.


If you don't think you qualify based on 100% of what's below? Don't sweat it. Reach out anyway, please!

We don't look at degrees. We think it's fantastic you have one, but we don't use it to evaluate. Preferred candidates have a strong understanding of their craft, experience with accessibility, compliance, or design/dev tools, and are excited about this space.

Your technical skills

  • Must have a working knowledge of graphic design, branding, photography, and art direction as it pertains to print, digital, and motion.
  • An excellent portfolio rooted in and showcasing strong foundations in typography, visual design, and product across a broad range of media.
  • You care about the small details that make your designs feel elegant (and ✨ magical ✨) and aim to have a high degree of polish in your work.
  • You've designed and shipped apps and websites that are responsive, beautiful, accessible, performant, and/or cross-platform.
  • You're highly efficient in handling multiple projects while still hitting deadlines on time.
  • Understand the array of constraints, goals, and business requirements that shape a product.
  • Experience collaborating with individuals across disciplines.
  • Can effectively communicate your ideas and design decisions and rationalize proposals.
  • Extensive experience with design tools like Figma, Sketch, and the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Experience shipping features and projects at scale.
  • Bonus: Experience with motion design software is a plus.
  • Bonus Points: Use of emoji and sarcasm. 🐳 (We're going to have a whale of a time)

Your core skills

  • Excellent ability to communicate clearly and collaboratively in the method most comfortable or possible for you.
  • Problem-solving skills (can’t leave something alone until it’s fixed)
  • An active learner's mentality that is comfy asking for help.
  • Ability to self-manage when it comes to time, organization, responsibilities, etc.
  • You have an eagerness to grow and develop new skills.
  • You know when to ask for help.

How to Apply

Does this role sound like a good fit? Email us at Be sure to:

  • Include the role's title in your subject line.
  • Tell us a bit about you!
  • Send along any links you're comfortable with to best showcase the relevant things you've built, contributed to, etc.

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Talk soon, The Stark Team