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At Biteable we help our 4M users to make ads, explainers, and social media videos that get them noticed. Used by IBM, Microsoft, Mattel, Virgin, Cisco & More.
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Product Designer

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Remember the first design tool you ever used? The delight you felt when you pressed "Publish" and your idea just... appeared? We want to deliver that experience for customers in an age where short videos are the most powerful way to be heard. Biteable is building the world's simplest platform for creating studio-quality videos in minutes. Our engineers and animation artists are building the pieces, and we need remarkable product design to pull it all together into an experience that leaves users asking, "Wow, did I just make that video?"

All about you

Helping people express themselves is one of the most challenging and rewarding design projects. Does that sound like a fit for you?

You’re customer-centric. You think customer interviews are pure gold, and worth the legwork to make those conversations happen. You'd like to find a team where customer research isn't just a checklist item, it's where everything begins.

Design is in your DNA. You pay attention to how it works, how it feels. You look for steps to remove, not add. And you get that smile inside when the simplest solution finally appears 😌

You’re an architect. You’re skilled in information architecture design, which means your designs are not only beautiful, but scalable and adaptable over time.

You understand people. You’re collaborative, inclusive and empathetic. You’re calm and confident when challenges arise. And you've got a sense of humor that you share generously.

You like to test your ideas. You don’t wear a white coat, but you’re comfortable designing experiments and working with analytics. When an experiment goes bad, you feel good that you avoided a problem. When an experiment succeeds, you want to know why.

You listen. You’re open to new ideas and you share your own openly. You involve others in ideation and you like criticism as much as praise.

You think critically. You ask ‘why’ often and you like to dive deep on problems and solutions. You don’t take things at face value. Except for this job ad.

All about the role

If you don't hit all these points, that's ok. Adaptability is part of working at a startup. We value collaboration and design fundamentals over specific tools.  We're looking talent with at least 4 years in customer research, visual design, interaction design. 

Here's what product design at Biteable involves:

Investigate - Run customer interviews. Analyze recordings. Work with data experts. Tune into customer support. Use your research to help teammates see through customers' eyes.

Iterate - Build click-throughs and high fidelity comps. Seek feedback from engineers, animators, copy writers. Validate early designs with customers. Jump on a figma session across continents and brainstorm some frames. Help the team narrate the user story.

Coordinate - Work with product managers to translate designs into roadmaps. Work with engineers to plan designs over multiple releases. Wear hats as needed... it's a startup!

Launch - Even though we contribute to each others' work, you carry your designs from research to release. Tackle last minute questions from engineers before launch. Test the build, report bugs, watch your work go live.

Measure - Did your design make an impact? What do you hear through customer support? Celebrate wins with the team, and help figure out what to tackle next.

A little about the Biteable culture

At Biteable we're committed to the happiness of our staff. We love it when everyone feels supported and we doubly love it when everyone feels empowered to create.

The Biteable team is scattered around the globe from Seattle to Hobart, and lots of places in between. Our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are the glue that binds us.

We treat each other like adults and we set our own schedules. We also recognize that families are part of our daily lives and we like that they often turn up on our video calls.

A little more about our culture

Biteable is a bit of rarity. Everyone genuinely cares about each other. When asked, they use words like these to describe their colleagues: rigorous, respectful, open, supportive, honest, and egoless.

Don't just take our word for it, though. Here are a few quotes that we didn't make up:

“I’m thankful for the flexibility Biteable gives me around my family commitments. I really like that my team is open to new ideas and processes. And I enjoy that I get to work on a variety of problems with a mix of people with diverse areas of expertise.”

“The development team is a great group of people. They’re smart and interested in doing high-quality work, but foster a social and supportive atmosphere, too.”

“Biteable's team of smart, funny, engaged, and caring people makes my work here enjoyable, every day. Being close to decisions and decision-makers helps me make an impact on our work.”

“At Biteable, you’re given the support and flexibility you need to do your best work in a way that suits your lifestyle. I’m continuously impressed by this team’s skill and unwavering passion. But what’s more, is that everyone operates with kindness, respect, and a great sense of humor.”

All about us

We are Biteable, a tech start-up that makes (jaw-dropping) videos possible for everyone. We stand apart in our market thanks to our dedication to studio-quality content and our passion for simplicity.

Since our launch in 2014 we’ve:

  • Created a community of over 6 million users
  • Rendered more than 10 million videos
  • Raised $3.9 million in venture capital

We’re growing fast and have a remote team scattered around the world. We are informal, structurally flat, and fun to work with.

How to apply

We want you to start soon. Apply via the link, on why you and Biteable fit together like a kanban board and a calendar.

We’ll review your application and then set up informal interviews with a handful of candidates. We've got our fingers crossed that you're one of them — we're rooting for you.

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Biteable Biteable
At Biteable we help our 4M users to make ads, explainers, and social media videos that get them noticed. Used by IBM, Microsoft, Mattel, Virgin, Cisco & More.
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