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Re-Design Agency Site

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Job Description: 

We are a digital service agency based in the United States serving clients all over the world. We have just celebrated our 11th year in business.

Historically, our primary service has been website design for clients. As the market has shifted, we have re-positioned ourselves towards a web development & search engine marketing company. With this new transition, we are looking to source outside creative talent to re-position our company visually.

Innovation is the heart of our company. Clients come to us to build modern, digital creative experiences. They come to us to boost their position in the digital search landscape. Our new site should reflect our core capabilities.

Our next chapter in our brand is to showcase our capabilities as a market leader in development operations & digital marketing.

We are looking for a hard-working, passionate, and honest website/UI designer to work alongside our passionate digital team.

You are:

  • Creative and passionate about being a designer
  • Responsible and serious about your job
  • Have at least (5-7) years of website/UI design experience
  • Excited about working to re-position our team's brand

We Are:

  • An experienced Digital Agency looking to re-design our site with a focus on our new capabilities
  • Sourcing outside creative talent to support our new vision
  • Looking to establish a relationship with new designers for future projects
  • An agency that is fair & respectful of your work & contributions

Please Provide us With:

  • Your design portfolio. It can be Dribbble, Behance, a DropBox folder, or all of the above. We want to see the work you've created!
  • You should have a great portfolio that showcases modern website re-design and strong visual skills.
  • Post a range of pricing or some sort of benchmark for us in terms of pricing. Please make sure you feel it is fair & for your skillset and keep you motivated, with the idea in mind that we are small company and price will have to be one of the factors in our decision.
  • Any other note/message for us to consider!

Project Overview


Although just a rough draft, here is an initial wireframe here:

Inspiration Sites for Design:

Agency sites


Our colors are a little lighter (white/blue) and will have more text like:

Our Colors:

  • White, Blue 


  • We are reviewing portfolios & conducting virtual interviews next week 
  • We would like to start the Monday after (July 20) 


  • We value typography & need assistance from the designer to clearly define the classes, spacing, and weights for us in the design. 

Initial Font Inspiration:

  • Graphik 
  • Neue Haas Grotesk 

Willing to purchase license:

Posted about 1 month ago
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