UX Designer (体验设计师/工业设计师/3D设计师)

  • Hangzhou, China (中国,杭州)
  • Full-time

We are the design team of Alibaba DAMO Academy. We need the industry's top-level UX designer. who are responsible for the design and development of DAMO Academy intelligent hardware, intelligent modules, and smart large screens. The most industry-leading intelligent design solution that defines new domain standards.

(我们是阿里巴巴达摩院设计团队,我们需要行业顶尖水准的 体验设计师/工业设计师/3D设计师,负责达摩院智能硬件、智能模组、智能大屏的设计与开发工作,产出最具行业领先性的智能设计解决方案,定义新的领域标准。)

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