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Senior Visual Designer

  • Seattle, WA
  • Full-time

At Boundless, we’re breaking down the barriers of the immigration system. We are looking for an experienced designer to shape and grow the visual aspects of the Boundless experience into an authoritative, trustworthy and emotionally-resonate brand.

During the first month in this role, you will:

  • Supported by the design, engineering, and legal team, immerse into our existing research and insights on the immigration problem space. Start to build empathy for the functional and emotional needs of the immigrants we want to help.
  • Join a cross-functional team of designers, engineers, and product stakeholders, exercising your foundational design skills (typography, composition, overall strong design sensibilities) to address a key problem in the immigrant experience.
  • Onboard onto the current Boundless visual identity, as well as the system of UI components, and layouts. Start to develop ideas for short term improvements.
  • Start formulating visual communication strategies to evolve our brand.

Within three months, you will:

  • Collaborate with other members of the product teams to identify core problems, come up with design solutions, and shepherd them through execution.
  • Design with analytics. Learn the impact of your designs by measuring and regularly tuning into analytics. Reflect, hypothesize, and bring those learnings into your subsequent iterations.
  • Develop a leading voice to promote and evangelize design within our culture. Effectively convey the process and value of your work to internal teams.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of our problem space, the immigrants we want to help, and their contexts. Mature our visual identity to further position Boundless as a trustworthy, authoritative force for good. 

Within a year, you will:

  • Exercise your unique bonus talents to diversify the Boundless creative culture. Bring new and fresh disciplines and practices that mature our creative culture. (e.g. 3D design, motion graphics, illustration, prototyping, etc.)
  • Be the owner for a comprehensive visual identity and design system that works for digital products and beyond.
  • Coach your peers and junior members of the team to mature their design craft.
  • Help hire other great designers to our expanding team and play an essential role in building an inclusive and high-performing culture at Boundless.

About us:

We are a small (for now) team of designers and engineers working out of downtown Seattle. The only requirement for this position is high-caliber product design skills which are clearly demonstrated in either your work history or design portfolio. We believe passion for our user and for learning always beats experience.

Posted about 2 months ago
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