Sr. Product Designer

  • New York City, LA, Barcelona
  • Remote Friendly
  • Full-time

Who we are

L+R is an innovation consultancy and design studio. We were launched to make bold ideas a reality. We are designers and thinkers, motivated by our insatiable desire to make life simpler, more beautiful, and more enjoyable. Since 2012, L+R has been creating value for those daring to revolutionize their processes, technologies, and customer experience. Our clients span industries and platforms, and we work closely with them to create, develop, and enhance their products and services; in short, we turn great ideas into efficient actions and beautiful experiences. With offices in Brooklyn, Barcelona, and LA, L+R is an agile team of passionate designers and engineers making an impact.

We are motivated by our desire to build products with economic, social, environmental, emotional, or physical benefits. Technology has a critical role in shaping society and we are guided by a commitment to responsible innovation. From the beginning, we’ve always believed that the most barrier-breaking solutions come from a deep trust in the design process, and that true impact happens when everyone at the table is operating from the place where strategy meets aesthetics. We strive every day to make truly great digital products that encompass that belief. 

L+R is looking for a Senior Product Designer to join its team and lead with this same understanding. Interested? Keep reading...

What you’ll do

As a Senior Product Designer, you will be responsible for every aspect of a digital product’s design: working with the client and L+R leadership to set a vision for the product, collaborating with our design team and Engineering leads to manage workflows, and owning the process to ensure impeccable execution every step of the way. 

While our Delivery Manager manages the “how” of L+R’s design projects (i.e. “getting s**t done”), you own the “what” of each project (i.e. making it look and feel incredible). You’re setting the (high) standard for quality at each step of the process, you’re supporting your design teammates, you’re fostering creativity, and you’re already thinking about how we can take it one step further. First and foremost you are a creator and executer. By example, you hold yourself, your work, and your team to high standards and you know what it takes to get there. 

Some specifics: 

  • Tier 1 Hard Skills: User Interface, User Experience, Information Architecture, Design Systems, iOS
  • Tier 2 Hard Skills: Websites, Illustration, Android, Scrum, Documentation
  • Tier 3 Hard Skills: Testing, Branding, Animation, Photography
  • Soft Skills: Collaborative, Concise, Good English, Efficient, Initiative, Team-Player


  • beautiful, communicative, and functional UX and UI
  • intuitive information architectures and design systems
  • delightful brand identities, re-brands, and illustrations


  • closely with our clients, client team, and partners on agency projects
  • with delivery managers and software engineers to build feature requirement documents alongside 
  • with user testing managers to determine product road map an prioritize features for upcoming sprints


  • top-level product strategy to planning conversations
  • animation and/or photography skills to ensure each project realizes its full potential
  • and solicit honest, meaningful feedback to/from your L+R team members
  • to  L+R’s product design process by finding and fixing errors 

Ideally, you are based out of our New York City headquarters, or our LA or Barcelona offices, but we are open to remote applicants, too. 

Who you are

When you aren’t designing for work, you’re designing for fun and/or nerding out about the latest re-brand -- and you’re doing other stuff for fun, because all work and no play makes...well, you know the rest. 

You have a deep appreciation for product design and the creative process, as well as an innate ability to lead and build relationships with teammates. You know what it takes to build something incredible, and you know how to bring out others’ unique skills to get there.

All candidates must demonstrate at least 5 years of prior experience working in a Product Design capacity at a digital agency, digital product company, or leading execution as a Product Design contractor. 

You can also have or can demonstrate:

  • Competency at both front end development
  • Strong foundational knowledge of graphic design and typography
  • Experience building and shipping different categories of products
  • Foundational knowledge of engineering systems and design styles
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to think at a high level regarding product strategy and vision
  • Exceptional time management skills 
  • Excitement about proactively contributing value to this organization
  • Passion for important issues that you want to be a part of
  • A sense of humor, and complex knowledge of at least one obscure topic (ex: you’re a topiary buff)
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