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UX/UI Designer for medical app

There are over 7,000 known rare diseases, and 1 in 17 people will be affected by a rare disease in their lifetime. A rare disease can have a profound impact on individuals and their families, friends and caregivers. Currently, less than 50% of the people suffering from a rare genetic condition receive a diagnosis.

At Codon One, we are on a mission to develop the software that can help diagnose more people, faster. As we pave the way for groundbreaking advancements, we seek a talented and passionate in-house designer to join our dynamic team.

If you're an outstanding designer with a passion for improving healthcare, we should talk. We are offering a stimulating work environment, a competitive compensation package and the guarantee that your work will save lives.

Your profile

  • You received a formal UX/design education, or you are self-taught and your passion and drive compensated the lack of a formal education.

  • You are willing to dive into bioinformatics (and genetics), assisted by our award-winning experts

  • You have an analytical mind, and you can synthesise and present information in a way that’s understandable by a wide variety of experts and MDs.

  • You are excited about how software can drive the genomics revolution and provide answers for millions of patients.

  • You are willing to do pioneering work in a fast-pace startup environment in which there are no training wheels, fixed procedures or protocols.

  • You are flexible and open to work on UX, UI, marketing website and marketing materials, company booths at trade shows, etc.

  • You meet our general requirements (see below).

What we offer

  • A generous telework schedule around 40% telework for this specific position. More is possible based on other criteria.

  • Free lunch (there is such a thing!)

  • 32 paid vacation days for everyone.

  • An international environment that values and encourages excellence and offers the opportunity to participate in relevant conferences, workshops and other events, to keep us at the top of our abilities.

  • Useful performance assessments that reflect actual contributions to the company's mission, instead of a checklist of empty buzzword criteria.

  • A complete lack of middle managers. You either contribute to a product, or you're out.

  • Awesome office space in a great location, with an Apple Studio Display for every employee.

  • The guarantee that your work will save people’s lives - probably more lives than any individual doctor or super hero could save in a lifetime :)

General requirements

You are top 5% in your field

This means that during your job interview, we'll look for signs of exceptional ability. Most importantly in terms of projects that you've designed or built, or research you've carried out, but also in terms of grades and extracurricular activities. If you just want a job and get paid every month, this is not the place for you.

You do actual work

This one seems obvious but you'd be surprised.... We don't want to underestimate the value of good planning and being organised. These should not become aims in themselves, however. We want to come up with a plan, get started and refine things while we're doing work. 

We don't want people that hover over projects, checking in, touching base, circling back or whatever euphemism they are using for not working. You're part of a team and you have a clear and useful contribution.

You are eager to keep learning

If you're in the top 5%, you won't stay there unless you're thirsty for knowledge. Software development is a fast moving field, and so is genomics. We want you to keep up with both sides, regardless of your role.

You are willing to engage in radically honest but civilised discussions

Nothing great has ever been created by initial consensus. You can only innovate when reasonable assumptions are challenged and when you are willing to engage in profound discussions that challenge the status quo. As long as arguments don't go against fundamental laws of physics, we are just fine. That doesn't mean we'll act on every crazy idea, it just means that we'll not dismiss it prematurely.

You are loyal and value honesty and justice

A team isn’t really a team if people don't stand up for each other when the going gets really tough, or when a team member is treated unfairly. Simply agreeing that a situation is unfair or wrong won't help anyone, nor will it help the company. We need people that have the balls to take action, stand up for their company and for their teammates and speak up when colleagues are treated unfairly. This mindset is not to be confused with avoiding discussions or being a yes-(wo)man (see previous point).

You can focus

At a startup, there is always room to improve every aspect of the product, and every aspect of the company. Unfortunately, when trying to improve everything at once, the startup will most likely fail. The aim is to constantly improve the product and the company - obviously - but only with a focus on things that really matter. Choose your battles.

You are respectful

Every single person working in the startup has his/her role and is important for making the business a success. We believe everybody should feel good at work and is treated with the same respect you would want to be treated with. Running a startup and building products is hard. Building innovative, award winning products is even harder.

You treat company property as your own

For us it is very important that everyone can do their job to their full potential and receives the right upmarket tools and training opportunities to do so. We take this responsibility at heart and trust that all employees use the property and budget provided to them in good faith, also in a wise and responsible way. This does not only apply to expensive computer equipment, but also to the food and utensils in the office. 

Send your CV and a link to your portfolio to

Please don't apply if:

  • you are a recruiter

  • you are not able/willing to relocate to Belgium