Job Details

Remote - Senior UI/UX Designer

We are seeking ONE full-time UI/UX Designer with strong design skills to create stunning visuals to showcase our product. You’ll work closely with the founders, design team, and our engineering team to build a great product. We are partnered up with, and your designs will be showcased in their newsletter as well as on our website.

YOU MUST have these skills:

  • Must be a self-starter. (You Manage Your Time)

  • Perfect text communication skills.

  • Extreme attention to detail.

What will you do? (You'll be a key player in a small team, shaping how we grow our product and culture.):

  • Design high-converting website visual cards for our dashboard and website.

  • Highlight the benefits and desired outcomes of our product.

  • Create and design UI sections to improve our current website.  

  • Collaborate with our design team and other team members.

  • Create social media designs for Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Required Experience:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in design software (Figma)

  • Have proven experience as a UI Designer/UX Designer

  • Experience with user research and usability testing

  • Strong and quick communication skills

Examples of Visuals we are looking for:

This is NOT some outsourced job. This is a career where you can grow with us. We're looking for someone who can not only execute but also contribute ideas that will move us forward.

Compensation: Negotiable, based on fixed rate + equity. 

We are a bootstrapped startup looking for someone who believes in our vision. Rather than a high fixed rate, we can offer you a fixed rate + equity and the ability to grow as a team.

Go here and fill out the quick survey:

Please share any relevant experience in UI/UX design or other roles that will make you successful in this position.