Job Details

RFP: Brand Identity Development

1. Introduction: We are a budding startup based in Saudi Arabia, focused on establishing an online automobile insurance aggregator. Our growth vision includes expanding into various other B2C insurance lines in the near future. Our endeavor is under the banner of our parent company, CONCORD, a well-established B2B insurance brokerage.

2. Objective: We are seeking proposals from experienced and creative branding agencies to craft a compelling brand visual identity for our B2C aggregator platform. This identity should echo the prestige and values of CONCORD, yet stand distinct with a fresh and consumer-friendly appeal.

3. Brand Visual Identity Requirements:

a. Logo Design Considerations and Competitive Analysis:

The new logo design should be conceived with a keen understanding of the branding approaches adopted by our key competitors. We expect the design agency to conduct a thorough analysis of the following competitor logos, noting their design language, color schemes, symbolism, and market appeal:

  1. Tamini -

  2. Bcare -

  3. Goinsure -

  • Should emanate from the CONCORD logo, which is characterized by a hexadecimal 'C'.

  • Should be bilingual, ensuring creative adaptation in both Arabic and English.

  • Primary color palettes: #36a4ad and #0c2c74. However, we're open to variations within the range of light blue palettes, potentially exploring shades from #66d11f to light grey or even touches of yellow.

  • Flexibility and Innovation in Design: While we emphasize the importance of a logo that emanates from the parent company CONCORD, marked by its distinctive hexadecimal 'C', we also value the creativity and innovation that come with diverse perspectives. Therefore, we are open to other recommendations from the design agency that may not strictly adhere to this guideline. We encourage exploring designs that, while maintaining a visual connection to the CONCORD brand, also introduce unique elements reflective of eConcord's individual identity and vision. This approach allows the agency to propose designs that are both in line with our brand heritage and forward-looking, catering to a dynamic and evolving market.

b. Slogan Creation:

  • A catchy and memorable slogan that aptly captures our brand essence.

  • Must be provided in both Arabic and English.

c. Creative Elements:

  • We're keen to see innovative incorporations of insurance symbols like shields or umbrellas that subtly communicate protection and assurance.

d. Brand Versions:

  • A total of 3 different logo versions/samples should be created.

  • One of the versions should lean towards a 'box' design.

  • Another should resemble the signature wordmark style akin to Goldman Sachs.

  • The third can be a design where your creativity can run free, but it should encapsulate the core of our brand and its services.

4. Proposal Requirements:

a. Agency Profile:

  • A brief history and background.

  • Past work, particularly in the insurance sector or similar industries.

b. Portfolio:

  • Showcase a minimum of 3 branding projects you've undertaken, with a brief on the challenge and the solution provided.

c. Timeline:

  • A detailed timeline from initial discussions to the delivery of final designs.

d. Costing:

  • A comprehensive breakdown of all costs involved.

e. References:

  • Provide at least two client references who can vouch for the quality and efficiency of your work.

5. Evaluation Criteria:

  • Relevance and quality of past work.

  • Creativity and innovation showcased in the proposal.

  • Cost-effectiveness.

  • Feedback from provided references.

6. Submission Details:

7. Miscellaneous:

  • We reserve the right to reject any or all proposals without providing reasons.

  • All intellectual property rights for the final selected design will belong to our company post-completion and payment.

We eagerly anticipate proposals that capture our essence and can drive our vision into the hearts and minds of our prospective customers. We appreciate your efforts and look forward to a fruitful collaboration.