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Job Details

Illustrator for 2D animation

The role

Primerli is looking for a full-time illustrator to help us create storyboards for our explainer-style e-learning videos. While the company is based in California, you will be working remotely with a global creative team.

About Primerli

Primerli is an early-stage, high-growth EdTech startup on a mission to raise the bar in digital learning. Let’s face it: most professional learning content is notoriously low quality. It’s boring, slow, and ineffective. At the same time, “content” elsewhere is more engaging than ever. At Primerli, we are taking the modern standards of structure, storytelling, and production quality and applying them to create learning content that is not just effective but also enjoyable. Humans are curious creatures - learning should be a delightful experience, and it can be.

We’re starting this revolution with industry primers. Project-based work is growing across all sectors, with professionals applying their specific functional skills across clients in multiple industries. To succeed, these professionals must get up to speed fast, becoming experts on an industry overnight. Whether you’re a consultant or freelancer, this currently results in a lot of time wasted doing desk research and reading long, boring industry reports - and you still have no idea what’s going on.

That’s where Primerli comes in. We partner with industry experts with decades of experience to distill their knowledge into bite-sized, animated content that is easy to understand and enjoyable to watch. In just one hour, our learners can gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of any industry, allowing them to ask informed questions, and serve their clients with confidence. We are creating the kind of learning content people want to binge-watch. See a sample video from our banking primer by following the link below.

What we’re looking for:

Strong values: You care about others, not just yourself, and you see competitiveness as complementary, not a barrier, to showing compassion, kindness, and empathy

Entrepreneurial drive: You constantly challenge the status quo, come up with better ways to do things, and take extreme ownership of your work.

Proficiency in English: You have an excellent command of English and are highly comfortable in verbal and written communication

Growth mindset: You value personal growth and helping others grow by giving and receiving transparent feedback

Everyday excellence: The idea of “good enough” is not good enough for you. You admire great products, pursue quality, strive for excellence in everything you do


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