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Senior UIUX Designer

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This is a senior level role. You would collaborate with our lead designer, lead your own client projects that we get for you (with the help of our project manager), and work to improve the agency.

Stratosphere Digital is a small, remote software agency. We focus on helping other agencies and small/medium businesses with web/software projects.

The pay is $70/hr and you would be expected to be available for 80-100 hours of work a month to start. Our client arrangements generally involve them retaining us for multi-month or on-going projects and paying for a certain number of hours each month up front. While you would technically be an hourly employee this is essentially a contractor role. There are no benefits and you are free to maintain your own client projects outside of this role.

Often times we're extending capacity for a project that is too big for an in-house team or tackling things that are beyond their skillset. 

Many jobs have unclear scopes or a client that needs help defining the scope. The client may have problems with unclear solutions that require someone comfortable and tactful enough to navigate through the unknown in a professional manner.

While the majority of the work will likely be web app UIUX, this is a generalist role. We don't have a fixed menu of services. We strive to be available for whatever the client needs. We need someone who can handle some amount of design system creation, icon design, branding, illustration, copywriting, motion design, user testing, and other digital design tasks. We know you won't be expert at all of them but you need to be expert at handling the dynamic between your skillset and the client needs in a professional manner.

Some requirements

  • Fluent english
  • Use Figma
  • Have already lead client projects for complex apps or websites
  • Able to send us or provide a video chat walkthrough of the source file of a complex app or site to review
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