Product Design Leader - Customer Exp.

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  • Remote Friendly
  • Full-time

A community health worker at a clinic in the mountains of Rwanda has an emergency: one of their patients is a mother who has postpartum hemorrhaging after childbirth. This happens more often than one would imagine, to as many as 5 women out of 100 who have a baby, yet there is a solution to making sure this mom stays alive and well: blood. Blood is often in short supply and has a short shelf life, so it is impossible to stock enough supply at every hospital. In this time-critical situation, Zipline is their best chance at getting that blood delivered quickly, but we need you to create an experience so that this health worker can confidently order before time runs out.

Are you a product designer and a leader? Does owning the customer experience for a global product that delivers critical medical supplies as if “by magic from above” sound like the way you want to spend your time? Do you want to hire and manage the team that will ship that customer experience? Do you believe the best products are created by teams that spend as much time as they can with their users (you don’t bother setting up a “design studio” that does not fit in your backpack)? Do you love making products that are technically complex behind the scenes, but magically simple for users? Do you enjoy being challenged with more complexity, yet you able to think seamlessly across a multi-channel experience (app + call + SMS + ...)? Do you like designing for even the most challenging user not just the “early adopters” (we are often the only source of blood products for our customers in health facilities, so we need to offer an ordering experience accessible to anyone)?

Zipline believes access to medical care should not depend on your GPS coordinates. We are at the forefront of a logistics revolution, using autonomous aircraft to deliver just-in-time, lifesaving medical supplies on 3 continents around the world right now, 7 days a week. Are you interested in building a system that 200 million people will depend on with their lives? Do you want the challenge of scaling that experience to serve billions so we can achieve our mission to provide every human on Earth with instant access to vital medical supplies?


The doctors and patients we serve are at the heart of everything we do. Today that is easy to achieve in very “manual” ways because our operational scale is a fraction of where it will soon be. You'll be responsible for re-imagining our customer experience to be magically simple and intuitive for our users as well as scalable so we can reach our global mission. This is from the moment a doctor, and soon a patient at home, learns that Zipline can solve a medical supply challenge to the moment that order is sitting outside their door. You will own the design process from user research, to the development roadmap, to resetting and starting over on parts of the experience as needed. Your users will be in multiple countries on multiple continents. You will hire and manage the multidisciplinary team that incrementally builds, ships and refines this great experience.

We expect team leads to have experience with and to be capable of:

  • Experience on a high performance team in a driven, high commitment, high initiative environment.
  • Capable of hiring, coaching, and mentoring high caliber team members, including those better than you in their craft.

Launching a Product:

  • Executing the entire design process from start to ship: user interviews, prototyping and understanding market fit
  • Working in diverse markets (low and middle income countries)
  • Working with diverse customers (those unlike you!)
  • Product design in start-up environments (product-market fit, user interviews, design, prototyping)
  • Have had to make critical feature decisions on prioritization and timingYou will be expected to find creative ways of getting your team to spend meaningful time with their users on a regular basis.
  • Your team will know when a low cost prototype is the right move vs iterating with software.
  • You will ship incrementally and constantly be validating if a release did or did not delighting your user(s). 
  • You will know that magic for your users is in the simplicity, not the feature count.
  • You will create a team that strives for a deep understanding and respect for your users across every imaginable axis of diversity.
  • You will make the hard prioritization choices to ensure you are innovating on the user experience and keeping your growing user base well supported. 
  • You can tell us what else should be on this list.

Travel: This job will be 50%+ travel, especially in the first year, in countries where we have customers. We think you will be successful in this leadership role if you are based in the Bay Area (CA) or in a country with one of our operations and travel from there. Countries we have operations in today include Rwanda and Ghana, with anticipated customers in countries in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Portfolio: Please include a portfolio, your application cannot be meaningfully considered without it. Please include links to publicly accessible products.

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