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Monkey Redesign SOW


Monkey is a US Social Top 10 mobile app that aims to redefine the social discovery experience for Gen Z by utilizing its unique algorithm to connect users through short video content and live video conversations, allowing users to create new friendships beyond the physical limitations of their immediate environment. Existing social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) focuses on connecting users to people they already know, often IRL, or allows them to creep on celebrities/influencers. The social sphere of an average Gen Z internet user remains stagnant, failing to take advantage of the highly efficient and inter-connected digital world to form new social connections outside of his/her own network. With 90% of users in the United States and between the ages of 13-25, Monkey has created a vibrant community where users can express themselves freely and discover new friendships.


Based on Monkey’s product vision (redefine the social discovery experience for Gen Z), value proposition (give everyone a chance to be discovered and form new social connections), and user demographic (US, 13-25), we are seeking a talented UX/UI designer to help us redesign the current product to bring a fresh new user experience for our users and create design guidelines focused on delivering 3 main design goals for our users: 

Confidence - boosts user’s sense of self-confidence to be discovered

Ease - low stress user experience to increase participation and prolonged usage 

Relevancy – “look & feel” of the design should fit the demo with trendy, modern designs while being culturally relevant

A well-thought-out redesign plan is needed to kick off the next major phase of Monkey, as well as well-defined design guidelines to ensure the quality and consistency of future design updates. 

Scope of Work

1.     Design Pitch

a.     Analyze and identify current UI visual issues

b.    Analyze and identify current UX usability issues

c.     Present a pitch on the new “look & feel” that fits the Monkey vibe with visual representation e.g. moodboards, design references, etc

d.    Present design solutions on above identified issues

2.     Phase 1 Re-design: Look & Feel

a.     Focus on visual elements that have the greatest impact on the “look & feel” of the app to establish the overall brand perception and mood for the Monkey ecosystem

b.    Recommended visual elements: typography, color array, border lines and layering, icon styles, etc

c.     Establish the design rules and guidelines for the overall design system for easy and efficient future design iterations

3.     Phase 2 Redesign: Usability optimization

a.     Focus on design solutions to fix the usability issues identified in the design pitch to improve the overall user experience of the app

b.    Based on product logic and feature hierarchy, re-design the interface of primary screens (e.g. element positioning, design highlights, UX optimization)

c.     Optimize the overall user experience by improving screen-flow navigation, screen-to-screen transitions, animations, etc.

4.     Misc.

a.     Final design deliverables must be done in Sketch

b.    All designs can focus on optimizing design styles for the iOS platform

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