Job Details

urgent 3D Animations for web, no $ limit

Our project for a new subbrand in the food industry of one of the world's biggest retailers needs 3D animations of energy bars as well as protein powders of the highest quality and made-for scroll-based animations on the website that the animations will be used in.


• one page: animations of snack bar being wrapped out and eaten in 33% of steps, oats being transformed from a chaotic bunch into assembling the full snack bar on scroll as well as other easier transformations of products twisting etc based on scroll.

• second page: same structure of the page in terms of animations but for a protein powder in which the powder is transformed from a chaotic bunch into the container.

• deadline is in ca. 1 week and I expect you to work as long as you need in order to meet the deadline, if you need more money that is not a problem

• also I have a video dummy for the animations to explain them better once we start the project

• here you can find examples of what I mean: