Senior UX Designer

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Full-time

Human Interface Design at Primer

We are different because we have to be. Our future world is a different world where Machine Learning will become a cornerstone of humanity. How humans harness this new era is our role – to rethink the old and define the new in creating the end-to-end UX for our products.

We design every human interaction – from psychological to visual and audible – creating products that are remarkable. Not just beautiful, but intuitive, usable, useful, delightful. The challenge is that there is very little precedent. We are here to define new paradigms where millions of pieces of data can be consumed in just one page, through narrative and data stories.

At Primer, everyone likes to get their hands dirty – we are all problem solvers, eager to work together to identify design problems and work out intelligent solutions.

The Experience Designer

Primer is at the forefront of Machine Learning. We endeavor to bring unity between machines and humans and to continue to be pioneers. We are driven to create tools of which people inquire, “how did they do that"?

Our products are focused on helping humans be better – allowing machines to learn from humans and humans to learn from machines. This is HCI at its most exposed. As a Senior UX Designer at Primer, you have your work cut out. Your job is to ensure the relationship between machines and humans is seamless. Your skills are utilized to overcome stigma, distrust, and any barrier our users may have when it comes to empowering Artificial Intelligence to make them better, faster, brilliant, human. Your job is to make our incredible algorithms tell the most beautiful narratives, and you will be tasked with inventing new paradigms every day where users can achieve the best results with the least possible steps.

You will need to partner with algorithm designers, product leaders and our clients. You will take a major role in ideation sessions, and it will be your job to translate the complex into simple solutions. We work hard and fast in an agile environment and you will be expected to be flexible but have a strong voice in enabling designs to sing. You must be passionate, a great communicator and motivating to those around you; at the same time, maintain the highest level of craftsmanship.

Why Us

Because why google things to get millions of results when you could get a primer on it.

Because we collaborate. Because we allow everyone to have a voice.

Because you won’t just work on one feature or a button design. You’ll have the satisfaction of taking products and new features from concept to their initial genesis to incorporation in a deployed product.

Because our products help some of the world’s most influential organizations solve their highest impact problems.

Because Primer's technology has an impact at the very core of humanity.


  • 5+ years of professional experience working in product UX roles
  • Strong portfolio showing UX, interaction, and visual design skills
  • Experience building products for web, tablet, and mobile form factors
  • Experience conducting usability studies and interacting with end users/clients
  • Full cycle designer from concept through to solution, polish and asset creation
  • Ability to clearly and effectively communicate ideas with product managers, executives, designers, and engineers
  • Expert level user of design, presentation, and communication tools
  • Ability to read and write HTML and CSS; Familiarity with modern Javascript frameworks like React
  • Adore visual storytelling and data visualization
  • Have a passion for staying at the forefront of technology and design

Expect To Do The Following 

  • Work with stakeholders to lead design projects across the entire life cycle from ideation to launch
  • Create multiple concepts, translate them to high fidelity designs, and prototype interactions
  • Maintain our design system and contribute ways to work more efficiently
  • Move fluidly between tools, as we use a combination of Figma, UXPin, Sketch, ProtoPie and Adobe CC
  • Iterate based on feedback, initiate A/B testing, and follow through on user research
  • Assist with technical implementation and uphold quality assurance of project builds

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