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UI/UX Designer For Growing Software

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We're looking for a talented UI/UX Designer to assist us with improving the user experience for an already successful and growing software, designed to help network marketing professionals grow their teams.

We have a well established product that is extremely friendly on desktop, and is mobile responsive - but not really mobile friendly (like an app would be).

We're looking for someone with expertise in converting established designs into intuitive, and easy to use/understand experiences for mobile users - without necessarily designing dedicated apps (we'll likely use something like Reactive Native to make it cross platform capable).

To date, we've relied on training to help our users understand how to use the software - and we're now looking for someone to help us redesign the app in a way that makes it intuitive, and that requires very little 'training' because of the new user journey the design will provide.

We also want to add some challenge/game elements into the system, so experience with gamification is a must as well. 

If this sounds like a project you'd be excited about taking on - and are up for the challenge, then we'd like to talk with you :)

Please provide a Resume with Cover Letter and details about your experience with similar projects and a 2 minute or less video of you telling us a bit about yourself and why you think this would be the perfect project for you! Please note - applications without a video will not be considered. Thank you!

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