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AppleTree is seeking a Graphic Designer to work with its Communications Department to support the Art Director in developing communication materials for the AppleTree Organization. The contractor will report to the Director of Communications.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Collaborate with the Art Director and Director of Communications to execute communication materials according to organizational brand guidelines.
  • Design marketing collateral, web pages, one-pagers, fact sheets, infographics, illustrations, reports, presentations, newsletters, and other communication materials.
  • Create these materials by using the following computer software programs. Google Slides, Google Docs, Keynote, Powerpoint, Adobe's Creative Suite— including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, Dropbox.
  • Develop and organize illustrations, pictures, and designs that reflect the brand of the AppleTree Organization. 
  • Select type sizes and styles to enhance the readability of text and image.
  • Formulate drafts for review and make revisions based on the feedback received.
  • Review communication materials for errors and ensure that final products reflect brand asset specifications. 

Skills and Competencies:

Graphic Designers develop visual communications that provide messaging in an aesthetic manner. The AppleTree Organization is looking for candidates that have the following skills and competencies to support the graphic design needs of the Communications Department. 

  • Adapt plans to changing circumstances.
  • Sticking with timeframes for deadlines.
  • Multitasking-being able to shift from one task to another with ease.
  • Organizing digital files for easy retrieval and accessibility.
  • Be able to collaborate and have a teamwork mentality.
  • Allocate time and schedule for specific-oriented tasks.


  • Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts- Graphic Design or college credit equivalent (required)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts- Graphic Design (preferred)

To Apply:

Send a resume and portfolio to

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