Job Details

Information/ Presentation Designer

Xplorer 1, LLC

Position: Information/ Graphic Designer to design scientific/ athletic content for presentations and websites

Location: Remote (EST Time Zone 9-5)

Status: Contract Designer

Estimated Duration: 20 hours minimum per week, potentially up to 40 hours per week

Starts: 11/01/22

Rate: depends on experience


Through our partnerships with renowned Universities and Hospitals we are helping the advances of understanding the human body at peak performance. To help communicate these discoveries, we need a scientific illustrator/ graphic designer. This position will work directly with our neuroscientists, research scientists and medical writers to design artwork and graphics that illustrate medical insights, processes, events, and figures for medical publications.

As a hybrid information and graphic designer you will manage a variety of visual representations of strategies, process, plans, and data from inception through production. You’ll have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with the team at Ohio State University and Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute's  Human Performance Team. You will design presentations, reports, and interactions that are adaptable for a variety of different audiences and mediums to clearly communicate the client's objective.

Upcoming Project Work Includes:

  • Website Design and Development within Athletic/ Human performance institutions.

  • Holistic design of human performance center for the US Team at the World Cup in Qatar.

  • Continued work with several sectors of the Department of Defense

  • Generate graphic figures for publications and proposals used to lobby for impactful projects and research


In addition to designing quantitative graphs and charts for research journals, the person hired for this position will create figures illustrating the biological mechanisms and concepts of work.

Our previous work with these clients have been presented at:

  • NBA Combine

  • NCAA March Madness

  • National Concussion Conferences

  • NSCA Conferences

  • Top Top Military 5-Star Generals

Work Samples linked below

About You

You’re comfortable working within an iterative and collaborative process. You have an intentional, holistic, and systems-thinking approach to your work. You’re equally energized creating and crafting narratives around design concepts as well as providing the polishing details to design going out the door. Plus, you’ve got a sense of humor.

You’re self motivated and disciplined,no  micromanaging at X1 :).

Additionally, you feel comfortable working daily with clients, correspondence and project management.  

Job Responsibilities:


  • Co-Create infographics and presentations that help institutional scientists  communicate their work to the masses.

  • Manage client relationships daily and lead projects from conception to final production.

  • Lead, facilitate and create all design projects (typical project timeline 4-5 weeks)




  • Expertise in:

  • Graphic Design, or Communication Design, or Information Design, or Ux, or  UI, or Presentation Design, or Brand Design, or Scientific Illustration, or Data Visualization, or Web Design.

  • 1-2 years of experience in design

  • Mid-Level Experience using: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, PowerPoint, XD or Figma.

  • Experience working on cross-disciplinary teams

  • Ability to collaborate and co-create with clients in meetings, translating verbal insights into visual presentations.

  • An ability to synthesize complex information into storytelling one page infographics

  • An editorial eye; the applicant must be able to judge their own work for accuracy and clarity

  • Ability to learn quickly, work independently, and thrive in a deadline-driven environment.

  • Ability to interpret brand guidelines and translate them into fully branded-feeling presentation materials

  • Keen attention to detail and diligent work ethic


Nice to Have:

  • Experience working in or with:

    • information design

    • healthcare / scientific research

    • freelance or consultancy setting

    • experience or inference in sports/ athletics


Workflows based on previous work

Workflow 1

  • Overview: Working with the Ohio State Human Performance Collaborative of 3-4 researchers and marketers to develop their department website within OSU guidelines. In total 7-12 pages.

  • Timeline: Soft Launch June 2022, continuous development and updating thereafter.

  • Software & Backend: Develop design in Adobe XD. OSU team member (Jessica) fluent in CSS and HTML and you will work together to push into development. 

  • Workflow: Begin working on UI within XD in design that has already begun. 

Workflow 2 

  • Overview: Researchers often ask for overview infographics that help to quickly convey the content of their publication, proposal, or write up to their desired audience. 

  • Timeline: Two Streams- 

    • Quick Turns: Client will reach out with a quick ask for a 2-4 day turn around. Revisions typically quickly and collaboratively via slack.

    • Planned Projects: Within weekly/bi-weekly meetings, client will ask to begin a new project and give a timeline. Typically given 4-6 weeks until completion date. Working a bit more formally with meeting check-ins.

  • Software:

    • Collaboration: Google Slides 

    • Communication: Slack, Google Meets / Zoom, Email

    • Design: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

    • Final Output: Create editable versions in PowerPoint or any common place application the client can access.

  • Workflow:

    • Client requests project. Request comes either via email/slack or verbally in weekly check in.

    • Create a google slides deck to be used for collaboration and communication with the client.

    • In meetings, establish a baseline and understanding of project needs. Ask questions to generate a full knowledge of the needs for the output. (filling in chart on slide 1)

    • Using your understanding of human centered design and communication tools, take the problem/process/project that the client wants to express and create a graphic tool that can be used for communication.

    • Through typically 3-5 rounds of revisions you will collaborate to create a final output.

  • Outputs: 

    • Typically outputs stay in a digital context, but 25% of the time will need to be created for print.

Work Samples

Perks + Benefits

Opportunities for professional development

Flexible working hours

100% remote

Unlimited vacation policy

Working in new venture, health and wellbeing categories 

About Xplorer 1

Xplorer 1, a Creative Services Startup, launched in 2020 to work on projects we believe in, with clients we click with. And today, we’re still invested in much more than just the end-product. We care about the people we work with and about the people our work impacts. Using collaboration and creativity to solve problems at any scale, we deliver work that blends usability, aesthetics, and ethics.

If you feel you are qualified for this position please apply at this link with a link to  your portfolio (if applicable) and attach your resume. Tell us why you are qualified for this opportunity (2-3 bullet points, including your strengths/skill set as they pertain to this role), and let us know your availability to interview or start.