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Sovereign Sportsman Solutions (S3) is a leading provider of business services and technology platforms for the Outdoor Recreation industry. We are a B2B company.

We partner with Departments of Natural Resources (DNRs), tribal councils, and Canadian provincial governments to provide transaction-based licensing, permitting, registration, reservation and mobile solutions which leverages a network of more than 5,600 retail sales agents including Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, Walmart, Academy Sports, and thousands of other value-added industry partners.

Our government clients and industry partners trust us to provide exceptional online sales platforms and industry-dedicated support operations along with marketing and client engagement capabilities designed to grow revenue and relevancy well into the future.

Our current website is - www.s3gov.com

S3 state agency clients include, amongst others:

Our company is nine years old and we have two lines of business - technology solutions and business services. From a market positioning perspective, we are transitioning from a technology solutions business to a marketing services business.

Our market is Outdoor Recreation, with a focus on Conservation (not environmental). Conservation funding (>70%) is the US comes from sales of hunting and fishing licenses, as well as excise taxes of hunting and fishing equipment. Our platform provides the transaction system to sell those licenses, collect the monies, and distribute to state and provincial partners.

Our customers are in a declining market (hunting and fishing participation are down) and we are adding marketing services to help them reverse the decline and grow revenues.

Historically, we have positioned ourselves as avid outdoor participants (tagline - "We Live This Stuff") but increasingly our clients' employees, and the states' license buying customers, are outdoor recreation enthusiasts, but NOT avid hunters and fishermen.

Client employee's (the ones making the decision to buy our products and services) are increasingly female millennials that typically do not hunt or fish, and do not relate to our current brand focus. State license buyers are typically older males, predominantly Caucasian, and rapidly aging out of the buying population.

We compete with a small number of companies which use either the founder's last name, a company abbreviation, or a recently rebranded non-specific name. We are not interested in changing to a new non-specific name.

Our business goal is to help states a) diversify the demographic make-up of the client's customer base, b) reduce average customer age, c) reduce churn rates which can exceed 60% annually.

Our clients need to increase revenues to fund their Conservation work. They need to increase relevancy in order to maintain public support for their mission. We are positioning our company as the one to deliver these two things.

Overall Goal

Our Company's name is Sovereign Sportsman Solutions, and referred to industry wide as "S3." The word "Sportsman" carries negative gender connotations especially with our increasingly young, female state client employees.

We want to retain "Sovereign" as a global brand name, and retain "S3" as the moniker.

We are in acquisition mode and will have a portfolio of "Sovereign Companies," that may be members of the "Sovereign Family of Companies." We have not settled on this and would welcome thoughts and suggestions.

We want to refresh the Company's brand, initially via a new treatment of the name "Sovereign," as well as a new S3 logo.

Initial Requirement

We will apply the rebrand to the whole of our marketing efforts in due course, including a new website, social sites, apparel, marketing collateral (digital and physical), and so forth.

However, we are up against a 21-day deadline to get a new treatment for the name as well as a new logo.

We are seeking a freelance graphics designer with branding experience to develop these two items, the name treatment and a logo. This is a work-for-hire job with all rights assigned to S3.

The new logo can be an adaptation of the moniker "S3" or it can be an artistic treatment of the letter "S," or it can be something else. We are very open to ideas.

We need creative material that includes:

  • Stand alone name
  • Stand alone icon
  • Combined name + icon vertical orientation
  • Combined name + icon horizontal orientation
  • Scales well in print, online horizontally, and on mobile devices

We would like to review initial concepts by July 15, with a goal of securing final versions by July 28. Our approval process is extremely fast and we can comment within 12-24 hours, or less.

NOTE: While the majority of state client revenues generated through the use of our platform come from hunting and fishing license sales, we DO NOT want a focus on either activity.

We operate in the Outdoor Recreation space. Since this is a very diverse set of activities, the logo/treatment and we prefer that concepts NOT include any single visual references to any single outdoor recreation activity (e.g., hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, boating, backpacking)

We want to be seen as an innovative, progressive, trusted business and marketing partner that understands Conservation, and the Outdoor Recreation market and is the right partner to grow our clients' revenue and relevancy into the future.


We will certainly consider freelancers that propose a more comprehensive brand design.

Please complete the form at the link provided to express initial interest, and include the words "S3 Company Rebrand" in the subject line.

You can email me at bcreighton@s3gov.com with interest, and please include samples or references where possible of comparable work, as well. No calls please.

Thanks and best regards,

Bill Creighton

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