Job Details

Senior Product Designer | Remote (US)

About Buoy Software

Delivering the best experience possible to as many plasma donors as possible. In as many communities as possible. We use our understanding of plasma donation and the industry’s regulations and pair them with our extensive consumer product experience to enrich the lives of our members and improve health outcomes for patients everywhere.

The need for plasma is growing rapidly. We want to close the gap in plasma supply and demand by empowering organizations with the right tools. Buoy is the intuitive, data-driven mobile application for plasma donors.



About the Position

We are looking for an experienced and passionate designer to join our team. Design has a real voice at our company and we see good design as instrumental to our success. You’ll deliver beautiful and functional design that elevates the plasma donation experience for our members or shift gears and streamline workflow at our centers. Your work inspires those around you to imagine what’s possible before it’s even been built and you will work closely with engineers, industry experts, and product managers to drive the strategic direction and have ownership of the product and consumer experience.

Why you should be excited about this opportunity:

  • See your ideas come to life due to our rapid and iterative development process.

  • Develop an engaging mobile experience that drives retention or simplifying complex regulatory tasks in our proprietary software.

  • You’ll design software for good. Your work will directly impact the financial health of our members and create better health outcomes for plasma recipients. Let that sink in.

What you'll do

  • Reimagine the future of the plasma donation industry.

  • Lead design projects across the entire product lifecycle.

  • Set the vision for the user experience and create room for others to collaborate.

  • Think like an owner. Take full ownership of your work and assume total responsibility for every last detail, every step of the way, from sketching to final designs and beyond.

  • Take into account existing insights, previous iterations, technical and regulatory limitations, and business needs to craft solutions.

  • Collaborate and communicate cohesively with our small but multi-disciplinary team made up of engineers, product managers, industry experts, marketing, among others.

In the first 30 days, you will…

  • Be a sponge to absorb as much information about the product, company, and current processes as possible

  • Get setup within each of our tools - Figma, Trello, and Notion to name a few

  • Schedule meetings with stakeholders across Buoy as it relates to the development of that product - Head of Product, Head of Engineering, designers, engineers, etc.

  • Conduct research into users, competitors, and the target market through self guided methods (historical internal documentation) as well as reviewing provided onboarding materials and sessions

    • Review legacy product research and documentation to understand use cases, identify gaps in the information, what problem our product is trying solve, etc

  • Experiment, take some risks, ask questions, and start to get your hands dirty — you’ll be learning a lot and we know there’s a curve!

In the first 60 days, you will…

  • Start to work more independently, taking on work, begin building documentation and process, and laying the foundation as you start to settle in

  • Diving into the product roadmap to understand where and how design contributes, could better contribute, and collaborate in prioritization

  • Understand how success will be measured within your position, the design team, correlating product team, and how you’ll start to work towards those metrics

  • Begin to build and/or enhance research protocol alongside the other designers

  • Design your MVP - what are must-have features to prioritize?

  • Build and test your prototypes through design tools ensuring strong communication as it’ll pertain to the internal stakeholders

  • Begin to validate your designs with the technical team — are there ways we can improve the collaboration, expectation, processes, and communication across the product team?

In the first 90 days, you will…

  • Become even more autonomous. You should start to feel comfortable leading, running, and communicating, taking the reigns of the product

  • Establish trust amongst your colleagues/peers and across the company to begin articulating your design vision and rallying others outside of your product behind that design vision

  • Begin developing your necessary product design concepts and design processes with all relevant stakeholders - where should we be heading in the next 6 months with product design?

  • Help us build the foundation for UX research best practices and how we can build a program to strength interviewing users and collecting feedback

Who you are

  • You have a consistent record designing at consumer-focused tech, early-stage start-ups, and/or for regulated industries.

  • You work comfortably with product managers, engineers, researchers, automation engineers and data scientists. You can synthesize and incorporate their points of view in your work.

  • You have a people-centric design mentality and want to craft products/features that truly have a meaningful impact.

  • You are an incredible designer with a passion for clean design. You’ve shipped various consumer and SaaS products, and understand what it takes to delight consumers.

  • You’re an excellent communicator. You can lead initial design brainstorms and set up frameworks with ease. You enjoy mentoring and helping others level up.

  • You have core strengths in UX and visual design, you sweat the details to create high-quality pixel perfect designs.

  • You’re motivated by complex problems and you stand firm when ambiguity is high.

  • You make things happen. No task is too small to be carefully considered and executed.

  • You have an online portfolio, or PDF that you can share with us.

Where you'll be

  • We are fully remote. We deeply believe in distributed teams at Buoy. We build projects around motivated individuals. We give our team the environment, support and trust they need to get the job done.