🚀 1 day per week at Telcom, Manchester

  • Manchester, UK
  • Part-time

Help us change the country's internet at Telcom in Manchester.

The role

At Telcom, our weekly requirement for graphic design is starting to grow and we are looking for a part time graphic designer to help us with the workload.

Based in-house in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, the position will be one day per week with the possibility of it expanding as work continues to grow.

Telcom is an Internet Service Provider which is trusted by hundreds of companies across the UK to provide a reliable and solid internet connection for their business. Subsequently our aesthetic attempts to be themed around clarity, functionality and reliability.

We are looking for a  great visual communicator, able to take a complicated idea and translate it into clear and understandable visual imagery. They also need to be a fast worker, with many requirements coming through which need to be completed within a day.

Things we are looking out for

  • Clean, professional design aesthetic
  • Demonstration of clarifying complex topics into more understandable visuals or documents
  • Documents with high information density
  • Demonstrations of isometric or similar visuals
  • Ability to deliver designs or documents quickly
  • Work producing vector graphics


  • Photoshop / Illustrator / Indesign
  • Google Docs


There is a wide variety of different work required, including:

  • Designing and building documents for high value proposals
  • Providing graphics and diagrams for web pages, blog posts or other documents
  • Designing and arranging print and delivery of promotional material such as brochures and posters
  • Designing and arranging print and delivery of branded team clothing, van wraps and other items

Bonus points

  • Ability with responsive web design (not reliant on frameworks)
  • 3D rendering

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