UX + UI Designer - Premium Brands

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Full-time

Pangaea builds & grows premium, international-first consumer brands directly to customers around the world. We are a fast growing startup based in Los Angeles with a common goal of building ultra-quality products at a fraction of luxury prices. 

We are growing incredibly fast and would like to hire a talented UX designer who is looking for a long term career in building UX/UI for amazing brands. If you are interested in an exciting career full of building awesome products, then check this out : 


Brief Overview


As a brand UX designer, you will translate brand sketches into digital reality. You will work directly with brand managers to brainstorm, polish and translate product concepts into a web experience. All within a few days.

You will be working with over 25 ~ 30 brands a year and will work with several brand managers to create amazing web UX for millions of visitors to see!


What defines a great brand UX designer?


1. A great brand UX designer is not afraid to fail. We will assume that you have the creative horsepower and the visual acumen that will qualify you as a good designer. However, a great Pangaea UX designer will create an MVP (minimum viable product) and iterate on the web experience as brand concept gets more polished. You should be okay with publishing less-than-perfect web UX product.

2. A great brand UX designer understands the consumer web experience to the core. Mobile-first UX design, color schema, font choices, user flow and consistent theme are all necessary parts of what makes a great UX designer. Don't worry, you will be paired with a brand manager who is able to iterate with you to make informed decisions. However, you should have high conviction on the design choices you propose. 

3. A great brand UX designer gets the "design high". We all have those moments when it's hard for us to stop working. You should naturally have affinity towards building beautiful web experience and visually creating premium CPG products. You should be allergic to the visually subpar, clunky web experience of the old-school e-commerce websites.

4. Typically, a great launch designer has : 

---- Expertise or experience in UX building, rapid prototyping, landing page building, UI decision making and copying comparable websites. 

---- Familiarity with photography, emotional drivers behind image assets and animations. If the website isn't exciting, it doesn't matter how great our products are.

---- Timeline-oriented mindset. Any past experience working with product managers in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment is very necessary.

---- Design stuff for fun. If you catch yourself designing amazing stuff for fun or spend the weekend drawing animations, you should apply immediately!


Why are Pangaeans working on Pangaea?


#1. We firmly believe DTC (direct-to-consumer) is the better way to conduct online commerce. Imagine working on a product where only price and bullet points are important. We think it's more rewarding when we are able to present our unique and compelling products to the customers with an ultra-quality, end-to-end experience that we own.

#2. Everyone in world deserves better products at value prices. Traditionally, urban consumers in first-world countries got their first dibs on new, innovative products. Now, digital access and mature logistics are changing how people purchase around the world. We find it rewarding to be the equal opportunity artisans of the world.

#3. Personal growth. To broaden our multi-cultural mindset as a team, we offer free foreign language lessons to promote open-mindedness. We encourage everyone to purchase or borrow books from our mini library. Similar to how startups are evaluated, future personal growth dictates much of the current value.

If you are interested, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out with questions or comments and looking forward to building together!

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