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WePoll is an internet startup in the development stages seeking to add a talented full-time Web/Graphic Designer. Front-end programming is not a required skill.

WePoll will be a unique primarily web app for creating and participating in polls/surveys. Due to how unprecedented WePoll will be, and it being in the development stages, your ability to think creatively/outside of the box and being visionary in your approach to design is as vital as your proficiency with web design applications.

You should take pride in creative contributions whether related to web design or ideas for unique features, creative marketing ideas, etc.

I have owned several successful startups and other businesses. WePoll is by far the most exciting as it truly has the potential to be both very impactful and profitable. Every web designer has shown enormous enthusiasm. If the idea of working with an internet startup in its early stages that has the potential to have an extremely positive impact and having the freedom to contribute in any way to its continual growth inspires you, this honestly is about as good of an opportunity as it gets.


-Portfolio of work. In particular, URLs of navigational and feature-rich web apps/mobile apps that you have designed or have been part of a team that designed it which showcases your creative and problem-solving abilities. Only showing landing page designs(although still helpful to show) will not be sufficient.

-Expert level proficiency with web design applications. The current web designers use Figma. If Figma is not the primary web design application you use it is fine as long as you have enough experience with web design applications to quickly become proficient with Figma.

-6+ years of web design experience.

-3+ years of mobile web design experience.

-Ability to design for Android and iOS.

-Front-end programming is not a required skill. You would only need to perform graphic design, however, you should have a strong understanding and experience of web design standards, most importantly being able to design pages for web apps that are attractive/intuitive across all common screen resolutions(desktop, mobile phones, etc.).

-Able to effectively communicate the implementation of your designs to programmers. It is advantageous but not mandatory to be proficient with CSS, HTML, and other front-end programming languages. The programming team can handle all front-end programming.

-Able to work efficiently/collaborate with other web designers. Many pages have already been designed which will be the foundation for new pages that you will design. The overall style/feel has already been established. You need to be able to design in the same style/feel that has already been established so that your and the other web designer's design flow seamlessly.

This is an opportunity for a long-term position as WePoll is extremely comprehensive in scope and well-funded. After the initial design for launch is completed full-time web designers will be needed.

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