Principal Visual Designer

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Full-time

About Us

argodesign is named after the Argo, the legendary vessel in Greek mythology that carried Jason and his Argonauts on a noble quest. Imbued with magical properties, the Argo could not only navigate the most trying of waters...but also see the future.

That is what we do—we invent the future, understanding opportunities that new technology provides and innovating for businesses to create social value. We work with a broad range of clients across the globe, including start-ups and social impact organizations, and we incubate our own products. The variety of our work attracts designers who like to work on…everything.

Our journey started in 2014 in Austin, TX and is rapidly charting new territory. We launched our Brooklyn, New York studio earlier this year and are continuing to grow our founding team. This isn’t just an opportunity to design the future for our clients—it’s an opportunity to design the future of our studio. We’ll nurture your career and give you a voice in shaping our portfolio, culture, and contribution to the field of design. We believe a key ingredient in building the perfect team is diversity—in ideas, skills, life experience, and cultural background. The unifying force is passion: a love for what you do, a commitment to a future you believe in.

About You

  • You have 8-10 years of experience in a professional design environment and you can handle complex UI design, but you excel at color, type, and composition to make whatever you design look gorgeous—whether it’s a business dashboard or a conceptual invention for the future. If you have strengths in client management and design mentorship, we consider you more senior and will give you more responsibility.
  • Your portfolio proves you can solve a variety of problems for a range of audiences, platforms, and media, and nothing looks the same (but it all looks good).
  • You have proficiency with a variety of tools (Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, InVision, Zeplin, etc.) and you aren’t afraid to try new software and teach yourself new tools, digital or not.
  • You are curious, collaborative, and love a start-up environment. You’re a problem solver with an instinct to think through things by making—a craftsperson who sweats the details of building high quality, elegant, and intuitive design.
  • You have empathy and emotional intelligence, and you use those skills to put people at the center of the experience—they could be construction workers in Alabama, social entrepreneurs in Jordan, or diabetic body-hackers in Silicon Valley.
  • You have a strong command of the English language—written, read, and spoken—and can clearly articulate the rationale behind your design decisions; if you speak additional languages, even better.
  • You are passionate about design and seek to expand your knowledge and grow your skills; even if you’ve been doing this for years, you strive to achieve.
  • You’re engaged in your community and inspired by the world around you. Your life is filled with vibrant and diverse experiences that make you…you. You’re the real definition of creative, in that you know when to break the rules.

If this sounds like a good fit, please introduce yourself.

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