Senior Graphic Designer for mktg agency

  • Raleigh, North Carolina (Remote)
  • Part-time

We are looking for a highly-organized, creative, smooth operator of a senior graphic designer. This is a remote or in-person or any combination therein.

The persona for our future graphic designer can be found here:

Please share your portfolio in your application.

This will be 20-30 hours/week part-time, remote, in-office, or any blend of the two.


•Design and implement user-centered design principles

• Define your own toolbelt, philosophy, and approach for your department

• Work with strategy, directors, c-suite, and clients for a range of visual, digital, multimedia, collateral, event and photography needs.

• Guide our graphic designer as she fleshes out your visual concepts (you would be more conceptualization/ideation and iterations while she would do the different sizes and iterations)

• Be a self-starter, self-motivated, and the ultimate critic of your own work.

• Invest in yourself through education

• Be imaginative and break all the rules

• Be super efficient, like, crazy efficient

• Responsible for creating print media, digital media, presentations, embedded video graphics, logos/branding and other marketing and communications materials.

• Combining art and technology to communicate ideas through images.

• Develop creative design, Keynote/PowerPoint presentations, production layouts, infographics and more

• Design collateral and logos with close attention to typography.


• 5+ years of experience in graphic design, preferably at an agency.

• Ability to oversee multiple projects of competing for priority and complexity without compromising quality or brand standards.

• Proficient in a MAC environment, Adobe Creative Cloud, Keynote and PowerPoint.

• Excellent typographical and concept design skills are essential.

• Need to be extremely flexible, insightful, driven and engaged

• You will need to have thick skin, dealing with very direct and blunt individuals occasionally. We will challenge you. As long as you can explain "why" you've done something, you will always win.

About Us...

Our team is an eclectic, hand-picked, seemingly scattered collective of agency misfits. We love marketing. We all love business. We all love results. Unfortunately, typical agency life can get in the way of those loves. We were all sick of big, slow agencies full of endless inefficiencies and corporate bloat. We were all tired of small agencies full of deceptive tactics and rehashed templates. Nothing seemed to fit any of us just right. The creative anti-agency formed because we were united under a common love and a shared disdain. The creative anti-agency was born out of love for the game, but hate for the players.

What's not us...

If you want yes-men, we are not those guys. If you are looking for someone who will just take orders, we are not it. If you don’t like insightful directive and strong strategy, you should probably look elsewhere. We are not bloated and slow. We are not liars or cheaters. We do not employ clock-punchers or toxic people—we employee warriors to fight alongside us. If you desperately want a template applied to your website, go elsewhere. If you’re in need of some sheep…get a shepherd. If you don’t care about the “why,” we are not a good fit. If you hate real talk and skipping past the BS, we are not a suitable match. If you don’t like to have a contrarian around, we would definitely cramp your style. If you’re good withthe status quo and don’t like to upset the apple cart, then we are NOT for you.

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