Product Designer

  • Berlin, Germany
  • Full-time


Rasa’s tools are used by humans to teach AI assistants how to understand language and hold conversations. We’re looking for a product designer to help us design experiences for developers. Starting a new job can be scary, and that’s especially true for an early stage startup. The flip side is that you get to have a huge impact. The point of this post is to provide enough information to let you decide whether to apply.


Well designed developer tools are at the core of our mission— giving makers the tools to build AI assistants that work for everyone. As a designer in Rasa’s product team, you’re crucial to the success of our product(s).

- You’ll be building the tools that developers use to build chat and voice applications, designing new functionality from scratch and refining the features we already have.

- By creating delightful and intuitive user experiences, you’ll empower the product teams within large organisations to build conversational AI that changes how the companies operate.

- Our products are used by developers to teach machines how to understand and use human language. Developers interact with Rasa both on command-line and via a GUI. So while you don’t have to be an expert coder, you should be reasonably comfortable on the command line. Our products should feel familiar to developers who use tools like git & GitHub daily.

- You’ll be working with driven people across all areas of the company—from marketing and business development to machine learning research and software engineering—to create the tools to let all makers build AI assistants that everyone can use.


Though the core of the job really hones in on the overall user experience, you ideally have end-to-end design skills—from ideation and art direction to prototyping and conducting user interviews.

- You are a mid or senior level designer and expert user of tools like Sketch, Figma, etc.

- You're pretty comfortable with the command line (for example, you know how to `git commit` and `git merge`).

- You have demonstrable experience building new products (please show us examples!). You can iterate quickly by putting an MVP in people’s hands, and test ideas and hypotheses before any code is written.

- You can effectively communicate what you need and what you’ve achieved with teammates who aren’t designers.

- You are comfortable making decisions about how the product’s user experience should work—solving the product problems through design by balancing technical, user, and business needs.

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