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Showcase your design style in a Vectary collection

Recently we introduced Vectary 3.0 - a browser-based 3D design tool to bring 3D and AR to the websites. You can read more about it in our release article.

One of the significant new features is Curated Collections - 3D assets, materials, environments that can be used by our users as simple as drag and drop to create amazing 3D visuals.

We are looking for Dribbble designers that would like to present their unique style to more than 500K Vectary users.

Read more about it on our blog.


  • Name of your collection and a short description of the style
  • 30+ assets: OBJ files with mapped textures and also include MTL file.
  • If you created custom textures, please include them as PNG or JPEG files. All assets and textures should be named for ease of search.
  • 1 rendered scene: PNG file in 4K resolution, 16:9. Rendered in your preferred rendering software

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