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About Buro Ehring

Hi, we are Buro Ehring!

We are a small (but growing) troop of brilliant Structural Engineers and Architectural Designers. Our mission as a firm is to lend our expertise in building and structural design to leading architectural practices and fabricators. Buro Ehring is committed to the highest level of quality and professionalism that our field requires. Whilst, emphasizing the need for collaboration between the fields of Structure and Architecture.

Buro Ehring was founded in 2016 with a vision of changing how Architects, Engineers, and Fabricators could interact with each other. As we grow we have focused on developing the tools needed to achieve our goals, we have created fruitful relationships with our clients, however we feel the next step in the future of our very young organization is a complete rebranding and marketing rollout.

Job Description

You will be working with Buro Ehring as a unique member of our team. The position will last for 2-3 months, during this time you will develop an understanding of our workflow, and our company values. Some of the deliverables that we have in mind are:

A New Brand Identity, A New Logo, a Stationary, a Presentation Layout, a Design Book, a New Website, New Company Document Layouts.

But also...

  • Develop a working relationship with our team!
  • Collaborate! A big part of this task will be to lead, and use the resources within Buro Ehring to your advantage. We are not graphic designers, but we can use all the tools that a graphic designer would use, we want to work with you, to iterate with you. We expect you to share half-baked ideas, to be bold, transparent and open to criticism.
  • Create! We have a rather daunting task ahead, there is a lot of work to do. We are looking for a person who is full of ideas and energy.

What we’re looking for

  • No job experience is required, but we are looking for a person who is organized, and can self-manage.
  • Experience in brand systems and branded executions (print, web, product, packaging).
  • Willingness to go beyond what is expected.
  • A deep understanding of design fundamentals, such as typography, layout, color, etc.
  • Personality, pizzazz, creativity, energy, a love for design and the process.

Please send us your amazing portfolio/website links/profiles/tumblrs/youtube channels/instagram/whatever you want! to or

Keep your files under 10MB, if possible.

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