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Job Details

Talented UI Designer

Migaku is an all-in-one language learning tool that allows you to study a language with content you love – Netflix, Youtube, websites, books, and more. While you watch or read anything, create flashcards with one click, including screenshot and audio recording of the scene, and study them on your phone later wherever you are.

The product is going through a big UI/UX and visual brand redesign and we’re looking for a talented UI design lead to help define and apply a new look to Migaku. We're currently working with a brand designer to define the core look and feel, but their work does not extend to UI. The position is UI/UX, but we are looking for someone with strong skills in UI.

Read the full mission briefing here:

Find an exciting preview of where the brand design is going here:

We’d like someone who is… 

💬 Fluent in English

⭐️ Has several years of experience creating exciting and innovative designs on mobile and web

❤️‍🔥 Passionate about creating thoughtful designs that work well and are beautiful

🔍 Solid understanding of UX

👩‍🎨 Good feeling for how to shape a brand

🏝 Wants to work remotely

🎵 Big big bonus: Passion or interest for language learning

This is a fully remote position! Our team members are in Japan, USA, Germany, France, Korea, China & the UK.

It's a full-time job and open-ended (freelance or permanent)

We just received venture capital seed funding, so we're ready to go full speed 🙂