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Hi there!

Proov is a young startup based in Zurich Switzerland. Proov exists to create a fruitful journey, from schooling to professional life, for students to grow with the support of the surrounding community. Proov leverages technology to empower millions of students to unlock their potential to become successful leaders in tomorrow’s world.

We're looking for a UX/UI Designer to redesign our iOS and Android app, bring in expertise, and potentially take on a team lead role as we grow!

About Proov - how did it all happen?

Proov is a tutoring platform on iOS and Android. The app helps students find tutors within the same university and helps tutors manage their tutoring business. Currently, we are active in 3 universities in Switzerland with more than 1000 users. We also have sessions happening every day and have started earning small revenue since November.

Because we are university focused, we are building knit-tight communities that are here to last. Our goal is not just to facilitate tutoring activities, but also to help our users advance in their personal and professional life, whether it be through workshops provided by external companies, career opportunities, networking events, etc. 

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Why are we looking for a UX/UI Designer? 

Although the app is functional, there is a lot of space for improving the overall experience of the users to provide the maximum customer satisfaction. The visual elements and app look also needs to look simpler and clean. So yes, a redo is probably necessary, especially when it was designed by me back then with not much understanding of how important UX/UI is!

The scope

  • iOS/Android
  • Website landing page
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Marketing materials and investment decks (least priority)

The details

  • We're raising our Pre-Seed round which will allow us to build our tech hub in Krakow. Seed round is planned for summer/fall 2019.
  • Location will be at a co-working space (Business Link High5ive). We highly prefer if you can be onsite. 
  • Ideally the position will require a full-time commitment, however, we are open to part-time and then converting to full-time after raising our seed round.
  • Lots of creative freedom in terms of UI - None of us have any professional design skills! I am mainly working on the UX, but would need your input too :)
  • You'll be working with me :) and the developers we hire in Krakow.
  • If you are interested in relocating to Zurich, such opportunities will be possible after the seed round.
  • Currently we are able to do B2B contracts, which we can convert to employment contract after seed round.
  • Benefits: home office and unlimited holidays..(open to suggestions!)

We're looking for a designer to join our journey to help millions of students achieve their best. We're not looking for an "employee" but a team player who can help drive the future of the company. If you're interested in this opportunity, please contact me directly and we have a call! :)

I am looking forward to hearing back!



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