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  • Los Angeles // San Francisco // New York (Remote)
  • Full-time

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  • Have you ever stood in line...
  • Have you ever stood in line and wanted to skip...
  • Have you ever stood in line, wanted to skip and willing to pay to skip...


We are Qwest a fast pass service for places with long lines like - festivals, restaurants, clubs, bars, concert halls. We provide the ability for people to skip lines where ever they want to go.

We are a Y-Combinator company projected to be a billion dollar company by 2020. We are adding partners every day. We currently serve entertainment (nightlife/brunch/festivals) and we plan to do more than just skip lines (way more).

Oh yea we are moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles, CA.


While we are growing and things seem good we need a lot of guidance and leadership on the design end. Great design breathes life, momentum, and good communication into a company and we appreciate it. This is an opportunity to establish the company brand and run with it.

Preferred Skills

  • UI Designer - designs dope shit [motto]
  • Web Designer - can do web [little]
  • Mobile Designer - can do mobile [mainly]
  • Minimalist - less is more [simple]
  • Graphic Designer - can create documents [deck]
  • Workaholic - get shit done [culture]
  • Fun - work and play [hard]

About Us (founders)

We are a two person team that has hella style and much appreciation for design, tech, and business. We believe in being human which means doing the right thing by society and individuals. Providing the best service possible for each other. With that said we believe in working for each other. Some of our mantras are

  • Growth over everything
  • Keep it 100 - [be honest]
  • Have each others back - [no throwing under the bus]
  • Take ownership - [take responsibility]
  • Call out B.S.


  • Skip lines everywhere - yea...F...lines
  • Education - extremely important you continue to grow
  • Pent House Living - Circa La
  • Access to Festivals, Clubs & Bars w/ friends
  • Full Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Meditation
  • Gym Membership
  • Baecation [vacation time]
  • Audible + Kindle Credits
  • Stock - Founding Team
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